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The Best Investment Opportunity!


Hello Friends! It’s been a while! I trust you had a great weekend?

Welcome to the brand new month of November! As we kick off the month with energy to achieve our set goals, I want to bring to your notice the biggest investment opportunity ever!




I engage different people from time to time. Many of them see that I have a full plate and really get to juggle several things; businesses, ministry and church work, family and these are simply broad headings to what I do. So from time to time, depending on where I am or who I relate with, I get asked different kinds of questions. Here are some examples:

You have your own company right?

Guy, Which One You Dey?



Recently, i was speaking with a woman who was lamenting about her husband. Sure, her kind of story isn’t strange; infact, it’s becoming alarmingly common. What was her issue?

What Would They Say?



I am blessed, and I don’t take it for granted. This state of blessedness has nothing to do with my Asset base or balance sheet. It has nothing to do with my background, degrees, or the countries of the world I have visited.


who is satisfied


I have been on a 30 day blogging Challenge. Did I ever mention that on this blog? I don’t think so, that’s why you’ve been seeing daily articles from me. As i type this, my mind is trying to put together what I want to write about……lol!


Tongue Twister

Three days ago, i was chit chatting with my children and the gist moved from this to that. We were all excited! Then, we veered into tongue twisters.




Happy New Month People!

As i reflect on the past 8 months of this year, i am extremely grateful to God for several opportunities to learn what i have been learning, and be a blessing to even many more people. It’s an awesome privilege! Out of the gratitude i feel, my heart wells up as i pray these prayers for you:




Happy New Month everyone!

As we begin the month of September, i would like to share some truths laced with humor with you. I believe we need to search within us, and realize some things we do that require stopping them, some things need to be picked up. In all of this, dia ris God!