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Hi people,
I was supposed to have written about this for some time now. I’ve read and heard so much about people’s comments and views about recent happenings in the political scene in Nigeria, especially as the 2007 elections draw very close. People have talked and analyzed, it’s the topic of discussion at almost every informed/educated gathering. The discussions are usually laden with passion and hope or otherwise at the possible turn out of events.

But I really need to ask, How many people have registered? I put this question to every undergraduate and working class individual who have been actively involved in analyzing our nation.

Let us put our votes where our mouths are o. Let’s make things work. For your information, i registered almost 2 weeks ago. It wasn’t convenient but i made a sacrifice to do it. The people i was on queue with were old women and men, some of who didn’t know their ages, artisans, street boys and some public school teachers. They don’t know what you and i know as the learned but they have registered and will cast their votes for “whoever settles them, or whoever they’re told to vote for”, which mostly likely will not be the right people. Some aspiring councillors were even hanging around to help the old men and women with their registration, they obviously appreciated the gesture and could listen to these aspirants’ advice on which party to vote for. They’re vulnerable because they’re not informed.

I head a house fellowship group. I mandated them all to be registered before showing up for last sunday’s meeting. They ALL came, registered! This group is made up of working class people like you and I. Some of them registered just before the meeting. Oh Yes! registration takes place on sundays as well, so, your excuse???

I’ll round up this post with this saying:

“When an educated man vacates his right to choose his own leader the punishment that life offers him is to have stupid people rule over him”

A society deserves the leader they get(by voting or deciding not to vote!)

I’ll be excited to get comments from people telling me, “I’ve registered!”

Have a great weekend!
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8 Responses to “”

  1. Dipo Tepede says:

    Come to think of it; I have not registered.

    I believe there is really no excuse but I would surely do it this weekend.

    I enjoy your write-up especially the Olopa Ke?


  2. ODODO says:

    Thanks Tepede,

    I hope as i write this comment that you have registered, inspite of recent unfolding events.

    For Nigeria, the worst days are over. Let’s make our days count by the quality of our decisions concerning the future of this nation.

    Alive or Dead, it’s in our hands.

  3. Ariiyike says:

    I want to register but there are no registeration centres in my area; i’ve asked my neighbours and none has registered.
    I hope i’m not giving excuses. But i’m hoping to find a centre even if it’s not exactly by my area.

  4. omohemi says:

    With all sincerity,I truly intended to vote but since Duke is no more running for president,no way!
    (Well except of course Prof.Utomi is still running)

    I have not registered,there is no registration centre in my area,but I am still serching for one.

  5. shola says:

    well , i think my case is very similiar to omohemi’s, Donald Duke is the one i would have voted for, now that he is out, should i just vote for anybody though i do not trust their leadership?

  6. Bisola Mogaji says:

    I’m sure even Duke himself does not know the gravity of what he did. Anyway, i just got to know of a registration point close by and i hope to register soon.

  7. says:

    “The proof of patriotism is registration”

    “an interllect that does not register should not complain when he/she is being ruled by fools”

    i have not registered

  8. ODODO says:

    Thanks Ariyike, Omohemi, shola, bisola & biola for your comments.
    I must confess that the political drama has been thoroughly amusing. It got to a point when i began to ask myself, “why did i register? who among these post primary aspirants can i cast my vote for?

    But i took solace in this truth, ‘that two wrongs don’t make a right, refusing to register to vote by choice is wrong and does more harm to the possibility of a better Nigeria. Assuming things turn around and you have another opportunity to vote in your desired candidates and you’re yet to register, what do you do? Don’t plan to register o, Just Do It! Refusing to do A is accepting to do B.

    Register NOW. Be sure that if you don’t before this year runs out, Forget it!

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