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Hi Peeps!

I told myself i had to update this blog before going home today, not after the link after the link went down the first time as soon as i clicked ‘publish’. I hadn’t saved, so i had to do this again. I’ve got a full year ahead of me, it’s great cos it shows that i’m taking steps that will ensure that i achieve my goals.

I commenced lectures at Unilag where i registered for Masters in Managerial Psychology last week. This course is going to span 2 years and 4 days per week. It’s going to be tasking but i’m determined to give it my best shot. Saturday engagements, choir rehearsals and some weekend engagements will have to be on hold for now. But i know it will be worth it. I registered for this same course last year but i felt i wouldn’t be able to cope, but this year, no way to giving up!

What about you? Have you started ticking off your goals’ to do list’ for 2007? Don’t forget to keep those goals within your view so you can take steps needed to achieve them. There’s a great feeling of satisfaction that comes with making measurable progress.

So, i look forward to your comments, i need to how far with you and those powerful words you carefully, thoughtfully drafted out on paper at the beginning of this year. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

All the best!}

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  1. Shola says:

    why managerial psychology? just wondering.

  2. Temitope Brown says:

    I like that: ‘if you can conceive it you can achieve it’ As humans, we always tend to put things on hold, in fact procrastination is the order of the day in the lives of many….but it is not easy, the hardest thing is to take that first step, the first leap of faith and everything else will come through. We all have to learn to be more proactive, determined, forward thinking, courageous, beleiving that the good Lord will see us through. Good luck with your course in managerial psychology, it sounds very interesting in terms of the fact that it goes deeper than people management at the surface level…it is well, keep going strong.

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