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I really wonder what life will be without little children, they almost always make one see the bright side of things. Having children around helps a great deal in relieving stress and worry and beyond this, remind us of how we should approach life’s challenges. Have you ever noticed that the face of an average adult lights up at the sight of a little child, especially cheerful, cute ones like this babe here….

For example, i have to constantly think of getting all i have to do done, and in good time. I need to think about ensuring my term paper write-up is ready, that i’m not late to school/work, that there’s food at home…etc. My daughter’s not even bothered if she doesn’t do her homework, who cares, she just feels that life is beautiful and that Mum & Dad are cool. So when i’m worked up or a little anxious, she walks up to me and asks, “Mummy, how are you?”. That question relaxes me, i always respond with a smile and tell her i’m fine.

The bible admonishes us not to worry but we should cast our cares on God cos he cares for us. Anytime my daughter is in some form of discomfort, i don’t need anyone to tell me she’s my responsibility, i don’t relax until she’s been fully attended to. God in the same vein is responsible for us and assures us of his ever abiding presence.

My encouragement to you all is to choose not to worry even in the face of visible reasons to, it paralyzes initiative and makes one unproductive, moreso, the issue doesn’t get resolved. So, why worry? If i were you, i’ll start to consciously worry less.

Akuna matata, Have a problem-free philosophy

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard this – why worrry when you can pray – said in time past. Indeed, it is still a popular saying today, particularly in the christian circle. Perhaps one should say why pray when you can worry? While the scripture admonishes, “be careful for nothing……”, it is a known fact that the natural man worries until he/she becomes a professional “worrior” or “worrier”. However, I feel our worries should ultimately take us to God. The problem arises when our worries and fears lead us to another path!! Did you say you need not be told to attend to your child when ocassion demands? But do you care to know what goes on in the mind of your child before she is attended to? she worries, yet she comes to you, and there, her doubts, worries, fears…. are dissolved. Wouldn’t you be rather surprised to see your child run to another mother when you are right there in her presence? I bet you’d be shocked! That, I believe is the scenario when it comes to adults and Baba God. The more situations one is able to cite as God’s handiwork, the more one’s faith grows and the more composed you are in facing future challenges and worries….. Job, Elijah and even Christ, our perfect example worried albeit their trust in Jehovah God. So, Why pray when you can worry? Worry, but go to your “mother”, Worry, but go to your God!

  2. Tosin says:

    Children are God’s heritage . . . and parents will one day give accounts of their stewardship as custodians of the heritage.

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