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Easter season is about the most powerful season within the calendar year. It’s a season in which the events that made it to be depict the highest expression of love; it gives hope and confidence in the sacrifice of the only begotten son of God – in our place! I believe the season gives meaning to the essence of life.

An incident occurred yesterday that drove home more to me, the importance of Easter. I sent my daughter my only begotten (for now) to my parents-in-law to spend a week; they live a couple of hours away from us. Parting with her was a lot harder than I thought; a family member took her down. I waved to her till the car was out of sight, called several times during the journey and questioned if it was a good idea after all. I could not help but laugh at how fretful I became, I had to caution myself not to call too often because I didn’t want to create the impression that I didn’t trust my daughter with them.

I got home to miss her usual warm, hearty welcome and her incessant disturbances about everything. I assured myself it was only for a week. I actually could not help but laugh at how I had suddenly become.

I wondered and tried to imagine how much it must have cost God to give up his son to die for a people who he had not guarantee were going to accept this huge sacrifice. He watched his son die when He had the power to reverse things, this was because he knew better, that Jesus had to die for their to be redemption from eternal damnation. He gave us hope and he gave us life for death. This is the highest show of love.

Happy Easter!

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