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There’s a general belief that if you don’t experience serious breakdown in your health, you’re good to go. But that is very far from the truth. There are certain signs that show you that you’re on your way to some serious health conditions if they’re not properly managed or corrected. Here are the warning signs:

1) You get tired easily and run out of breath on little physical exertion. This happens mostly to people who sit at their desk all day and then go home. Such people need to take a few minutes in the course of the day to walk around. Some people get dizzy on climbing a single flight of stairs. You need to register in a gym and resume aerobics classes. If the symptoms persist, you might need to visit the doctor who ‘ll take your blood pressure and might recommend you do an ECG test to check the condition of your heart.

2) You don’t empty your bowels daily, and when you do, it’s every other day, twice a week and with much difficulty. This shows you need to take fruits and vegetables at least every other day to enable your bowels move more easily. This definitely makes you feel lighter and healthier. Also, practice water therapy! For more information on this, check out my article on water therapy. Let me share a friend’s experience on water therapy. There’s an expected amount of water that should be taken first thing in the morning. This friend of mine took over and above the required quantity and drove to work in her brand new ride. Unfortunately, she was stuck in traffic and this lasted a while. You guessed right, she became really pressed and had to pack her ride and find a nearest house to obey the call of nature. O gosh! sure she has stopped it for a while now. Do, don’t overdo!

3) You worry a lot. You seemed to be overwhelmed by your workload in the office, your project in your masters’ programme, your difficult spouse or child, etc. You need to take a deep breath and note that it’s grossly unwise to worry over something you don’t have control over. Prioritize. Listen to music, sing to yourself (don’t worry; nobody is listening, in case your voice is awful).

4) You can’t remember the last time you had a good, hearty laugh. Most times, you even catch yourself frowning, a dose of good laugh is sure needed to relax your facial and body muscles and live longer. You can read my article titled, ‘on a light note’. On days that I’m stressed out, i look out for jokes that can ease the tension.

5) It’s been ages since you ate breakfast. Many people in the working class are guilty of this. Eating breakfast helps to keep off hunger pangs that are usually present by lunch time for non-breakfast people, this makes the body hold on to every calorie of food taken during lunch.

6) You don’t usually have a good sleep or feel rested by the time you wake up in the morning. Try a cold bath before you sleep at night and ensure your sleep clothes are as free on you as possible. If the weather is really hot, do you have to sleep with clothes on?

7) You’re hardly ever alert these days, especially mentally. Take a vacation. There’s a saying, ‘Rest or be laid to rest’. Some people call it the law of Sabbath. You’re of better use to yourself and others when you’re refreshed. Opportunities are on the increase on several top vacation spots/resort centers in the world and how you can access them at almost no cost. I’m ready to go for mine anytime i choose in the course of the year. You can make money and have a luxury vacation as well. Check out the article at if you want to know how!

I’ll be back later with more tips. Do have a great day!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quite resourceful. Keep at it.

  2. ~Mimi~ says:

    I read your write-up on water therapy. if the daily intake is the 1.5 litres wat sense does it make to drink all 1.5 litres early in the morning?
    the usual recommendation is 1 glass early in the morning and then the rest split for the rest of the day.also people fail to recognise that a lot of the liquids we drink, beverages and juices, contain water and also amount to the percentage of water we need.
    i agree with drinking water as a part of a healthy lifestyle, just not the idea of chugging down the whole 6glasses early in the morning.makes no sense.

  3. ODODO says:

    Hi Mimi,
    Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment. Water therapy for me isn’t a life long exercise, it’s a treatment which is time bound and aimed at cleansing one’s system from time to time; though some people try it and stick to it as a lifestyle because it works for them, especially older people; water and juices, beverages, etc aren’t just the same, that’s why ordinarily, nothing else you drink gives you the same satisfaction that water gives. My aim is to give useful tips to stay healthy, take care!

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