Hi all! It’s really been a while i wrote an article on this blog and i can say certainly that it’s for good. My life has been full of a lot of events and not being a natural at writing, i found it difficult to juggle writing with my schedule.

A quick recap on 2007 fills me with awe and appreciation to God for making this year a year of years for me and my family, nuclear and extended. We increased financially, had weddings, birthdays and were blessed with the gift of a bouncing baby boy, Araoluwa (meaning God’s wonder), who was born on October 1. God is indeed crowning our year with goodies and he isn’t through with us yet, we’ve still got 25 days to go.

I have a personal tradition of writing down my goals at the beginning of every year; this year as i write, every goal i wrote down has become reality. Last year was almost an exact opposite but i didn’t give up, i took my pen and wrote again, and now, i’m glad i kept on. Now, it was not only writing that did it, it took me applying myself to ensuring that i achieved them all; of course with God’s grace; i encountered times when i was justified to give up on some things, but i refused to give myself excuses; i didn’t spare myself and i thank God that now, i can smile.

There’s a saying that he who gives thanks for yesterday will receive more. I’m counting my blessings, and i know this is the lowest i’ll ever be.

I won’t be away for this long anymore, promise!


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