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The above is a slang which stands for excellent academic performance. To “fose” means to do very well academically. Last year I started my masters programme and it’s been extremely hectic combining school with work and family.

At the time of my last exams (i had 8 papers to write), my son was 6weeks old; in the course of the semester, i had to make some trips and could only make one lecture, shortly after i came back from one of my trips, i put to bed and barely 2weeks after, i was told that the exam timetable was out! I had tons of assignments that were outstanding, i had no note, textbook or materials to read and exams were about 10 days away.

Meanwhile, i decided to get copies of all materials and began by first doing my assignments which formed the continous assessment; that took me about 1 full week, some involved extensive research and writing; it was hectic, moreso, i had to combine all that with taking care of a newborn baby as well as my 3yr old daughter and the home generally. By the time i started reading, i was waking up an average of 4 times every night. It took a serious toll on my health; at times, i felt dizzy all of a sudden.

Then the exams came and i wrote them; they were not as tough as i felt they would be. I remember however one of the exams that was meant to last for 2 hours, the lecturer came and said the paper would last for 3hours. I had to take permission to eat something and take a drink because i was beginning to feel dizzy. On another exam, the lecturer
told me to leave the exam hall as he had never seen me before; my classmates pleaded on my behalf before i was allowed to write the paper.

Finally, last week, i was told that 10 out of 16 results were released and i went to see my faculty advisor to check them, and men! I fosed, i had a better result than most of my classmates. I was relieved. I was glad. Glad that i didn’t defer the semester, i had actually gone to meet the Faculty Advisor and told her of my intention to defer but she advised me
against it. I never thought i would ever be able to cope with exams given my current circumstances. My class rep asked me about one of my courses where i had an A how i was able to do it; he asked me what i wrote that made me get almost all the marks.

My husband supported me, assuring me that all i needed to “fose” was a little effort. The Ogunfayos and Mogajis also prayed with me, encouraged me by calling and sending text messages. Thanks for believing in me and for nudging me on. I thank God most of all for strength through that period cos the timetable was chocked – i had 2 papers per day and i didn’t break down. He’s my source of strength.

Now, i’m in the final semester of my Masters programme, i have over 2 months to be through. I’ve got my project and a few courses to contend with. I was even given my most dreaded lecturer as supervisor. I believe all things are working together for my good; i’m going through. This too will come to pass!!!}

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  1. rolemodel says:

    I commend your doggedness and for family and friends who stood with and beside you.
    Keep keeping on
    You are my encouragement

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