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2 days ago, I was coming into the office in the morning and as usual, entered into the elevator and punched in the floor where I was going. Half way up, there was power failure and everything became still and all around me dark; before then, I had imagined this event in my mind but I didn’t think it was going to happen to me. Putting it mildly, I was afraid, really afraid, moreso, i was carrying in my arms, my 4 month old baby. A number of thoughts crossed my mind; I wanted to reach for my bag and get my mobile phone so I could call someone in the office but my hands were full; I was carrying two bags and my baby. I also thought calling someone might not be of much use, I needed power to get me out of the “trap” i was in. I prayed for power to be restored, or at least for the generator to come on, i waited for what seemed like a very long time until light finally came.

My goodness! was i very relieved; I almost vowed not to go upstairs using the elevator anymore but I always have my hands full whenever I’m coming in every morning. While trapped in the elevator, i was angry at the current state of Nigeria especially the power sector, I lamented in my mind that why do we not have a system that works? Why can’t things be done without one having to worry about whether something might go wrong or not?

Nigeria has indeed come a long way. For people like us who are quite young:), all the good we know about the Nigerian system is what our parents told us and the thoughts remained in our imagination; but overtime, some people have visualized the possibility of the new Nigeria, drummed it into our consciousness and we have bought it, we also see it and are passionate about it. It’s my Nigeria, your Nigeria, our Nigeria. My husband has made fun of me several times when we’re out of the country and I complain about the Oyinbo man’s diet. Once I’ve spent maximum of one week on foreign dishes, i begin to long for “Amala, Iyan and the likes. I love Nigeria, the drive, energy and passion of the people; the food; everything. Once the systems are in place, Nigeria will be a paradise. Let’s make things work, let’s join hands in the building of our envisioned Nigeria.

You want to know how? Visit and join the bandwagon of believers in the new Nigeria. It’s a positive epidemic, get infected and be a carrier. You could also mail me Let ‘s make it happen. I believe!
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