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Position: Role Models

Job Requirements

  • Men/Women who place premium on their lives through their thoughts, words and actions
  • People who live everyday purposefully and carefully, as ones who will give account to their maker
  • People who see everyone whose path crosses theirs as a part of their divine assignment and an opportunity to make eternal deposits
  • People whose lives others see and thank God that they were born
  • People with personal working relationship with God
  • People with sound Character-Integrity, Faithfulness, Honesty, Trustworthiness, etc
  • People who are not ashamed to stand for and speak out for what is right, who live for values that are firmly backed by the word of God.

Are you eligible? Do you qualify for this opening? If not yet, are you actively taking steps to be qualified? The lives of our youths are degenerating, they long for change, they’re looking for models to emulate. Where are you? Are you positioned for this job? Are you a city set on a hill? Are you light, a solution? Will you be excited to have many lives replicating the life you currently live or you’ll be full of regrets? Make yourself available, take responsibility for the younger generation; be the reason why a boy (who could be your brother) is not destroyed by drinking, womanizing, yahoo yahoo, armed robbery or why a girl (who also could be your sister) doesn’t take to the streets to hawk her body (which is meant to be God’s temple) for chicken feed.

Method of Application
Send your applications to GodthroughJesus@prayer.come and automatically, you are qualified for the job. Once you start working, there is no leave o! You have been employed to serve.

Salaries, allowances and benefits are in Good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over….too much!

5 Responses to “URGENT VACANCY !!!”

  1. Emog says:

    Just applied. Thanks for the info

  2. Solid… I hereby humbly apply oh.

  3. Joseph Ekwu says:

    I have been looking for a job specification like this…..Attached herein is my RESUME. please I need this job…….lol, Good job.

  4. Damilola Balogun says:

    Is it too late to apply,i need the this job urgently…enclosed within is a copy of my C.V

  5. byola says:

    applying for the job means i must meet the requirements first….

    else engage myself in some training to acquire some of the skills required

    this is food for thought first and foremost

    i need the job badly now so i’ll definitely do something

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