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On 26th April, 1978, a bouncing baby girl was born to Dr & Mrs Ogunsusi in UCH, Ibadan. A very interesting incident characterised that day. I was a very chubby and big baby; i was so big that my mum passed out for 3 days after she gave birth to me. By the third day when she was still unconscious, she was already taken for dead and the death certificates and documents were already being filled and signed. Then, miraculously, she came round. Little wonder i was named “Temitope” which means, “my case deserves being thankful for”.

In about a week plus from now (Saturday, 26th April), i will be thirty years old. I look at my life and declare that God has been very good and faithful to me. He has preserved me from myriads of dangers, He is the reason why i can’t exhaust the list of the benefits i’ve enjoyed in life so far. I have every cause to testify that i’m blessed and highly favoured by God.

I know that i’ve not yet scratched the surface of where God is taking me; but i look around and see young people who do not enjoy the priviledges i did, even though i wasn’t born with a silver spoon. All my needs were met especially as a student, so i was able to focus and do well in school.

Two weeks ago, i learnt about a number of youths (young ladies) who were sexually abused at their young ages and grew up to trade their bodies whenever they had a need. Some of them even had their families contribute to their situation by pressurizing them to “work” and bring money home. They have been rehabilitated and some of them are in tertiary institutions and are in need of mentorship and sponsorships (tuition/school fees); they’re involved in craftwork like beadmaking which takes care of their transportation and feeding, hence the need for only school fees. Each person requires a tuition fee of #70,000/person/annum. I want to sponsor and be a role model to three of them, i’ll need for all my friends to monetize all gifts and give to me on or before the D-day. No amount is too small, you can mail me on to inform me of your donation(s) and i’ll arrange for pick up. I want to invest in the ladies, they are the ones who will tend to and nurture the generations of tomorrow. If ladies decide to cease to participate in immorality today, sin and decadence will reduce by 90% in our society.

I know i need to celebrate, but these lives are a lot more important to me now than feeding people who don’t need it (when you’re big, you’re big…:-). Let’s join hands to make this happen; i’ll also be spending a good part of the day with the young ladies.

I want to be the reason why a lady will believe that she can and will amount to much in life; that she’s valuable and carries herself with a great sense of esteem. I want to be available, and responsible for more, beyond my current circle of influence.} else {

2 Responses to “BIRTHDAY GIRL!”

  1. misidreads says:

    Happy Birthday
    You are really a unique one.
    That is very thoughtful of you,u are adding value to people .On behalf of the Girls i say Thank you.

  2. Happy birthday Maddam Topsie!
    God rewards your labour of love and concern to those ladies.
    Is a seed ….. and i see the harvest in their new lease of lives and the society in time to come.


    Kunle ogunbayo

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