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On Saturday 19th April, i wrote my final paper for my Masters in Managerial Psychology. It was a day I had longed for for a very long time. It was more than a heavy load off my shoulders. Thoughts of “dropping out” had come to my mind a couple of times during the course but i was able to finish strong.

Lest i forget, i’ve seen the results of most of the exams i wrote in the first two semesters and they were good. I really thank God i didn’t back out.

I want to specially appreciate my husband, Deolu Akinyemi, who was always ready to help me with case studies, helped to clarify some topics, he encouraged me all through especially when i had my second semester exams and my son was barely two months old. That period was particularly stressful for me. Also, my darling friend, Bisola Mogaji (Bisols), you urged me not to drop out, you’re a friend indeed and one in a million. I appreciate you; infact, i dash you half of the MMP degree….lol

Now, to my project, i’m having issues with my supervisor approving my topic but that’s not a problem; it will be alright.

So, it’s multiple celebration. At 30, i’ve got a paper masters, a physical master and mistress (prince and princess)….lol and of course, my knight in shining armour. Hasn’t God been good?document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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