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Have you ever taken time to read a marriage vow before? Before I got married, i had attended scores of weddings where the bride and groom went through the ‘tradition’ of taking their marriage vows and at a point, i could recite most of the lines of the marriage vows by heart.

I was speaking with some guys some days ago and one of them asked one of his friends why he was not yet married. He said he was not yet ready, he then asked him what it takes to be ready. I watched and listened as they chatted on. This afternoon, it struck my heart that what he, as well as other guys/ladies need to understand is the meaning and expectations of marriage itself.



Trust is a five letter word which represents the foundation on which every relationship is built. A relationship is only as strong as the degree of trust exhibited by the people in it. Marriage is the strongest bond that can exist between a man and a woman and by its nature, it demands that a couple trust each other IMPLICITLY.

There can’t be trust in a marriage relationship when both parties did not tell each other EVERYTHING about their past lives before getting married. The person who tells half truth will believe the other person is also keeping some things away. Truth be told, the past is gone and there’s nothing that can be done about it, so why not tell it all? If the lady/guy can’t accept your past, you’re on your way to finding the person who will. I know it’s difficult, but it will prevent the occurences of rude surprises later in life. The dissapointment will only lead to more and more distrust.


It’s beautiful to blessed with lovely children and moreso, when you have male and female; but it’s not so for everyone and how one handles this goes a long way in determining how the family and especially the children will turn out. I wonder why extended family members mount pressure on the wife of “their son” if she happens to have only girls.