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Facts on Women 2

Facts on Women 2


Here are more facts to chew on for the weekend:

• “A man who is strong spiritually, sure of his purpose, and actively working towards the fulfillment of his destiny is the sexiest man on earth to a woman”.

• Because women view men as knights in shining armor, women expect men to know some things we do not know. The savvy man, who is well rounded, with knowledge on various subjects, is exciting to a woman. Therefore be well read, if not experienced.

• A woman who is fruitful in her endeavors and successful in her business is an asset to a man. Be secure enough to celebrate her accomplishments because you will also reap from them as her partner.

• Check the temperament of the woman to whom you are attracted. Is it all about her, or does she care about other people? This is a major sign of how your life together will play out.

• A woman looks to a man for stability. Inconsistency is frightening to her and causes her to question your intentions towards her.

• Women were created for relationship. Their hearts settle this area quickly when they feel they have met the right man. Be clear in your intentions so that there is no confusion on the status of your relationship.

• God created the woman to be a helper to a man. The woman in your life should make you a better man.

• A woman is a complex being. Take the time necessary to allow the layers of her to unfold before drawing conclusions.

• Women are disappointed when men who claim to have a relationship with God compromise their stand on purity.

• EVERY woman wants a man to woo her, pursue her, and win her hand. It speaks volumes about her value in his eyes.

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