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This article was taken from the blog of a friend and brother, Praise Fowowe, who has been currently working on a sexpurecentric project whose vision can be summarized by the statement below:

“A sexpurecentric world is possible. Join the madness, treat a lady right and educate somebody right today.”

Everywhere he goes, he makes the following statements which I believe strongly:

Facts on Women 2


Here are more facts to chew on for the weekend:

• “A man who is strong spiritually, sure of his purpose, and actively working towards the fulfillment of his destiny is the sexiest man on earth to a woman”.

• Because women view men as knights in shining armor, women expect men to know some things we do not know. The savvy man, who is well rounded, with knowledge on various subjects, is exciting to a woman. Therefore be well read, if not experienced.



Hello Friends,

The following are some of the quotes i got from the book from Michelle McKinney Hammond on “Finding the Right Woman For You”:

• A woman can make or break a man, therefore, not just any woman will do! Make sure she adds to your life and does not subtract from your quality of living.
• The enemy will use a woman to distract you from your purpose and rob you of your destiny. Check yourself and your productivity when involved with the woman in your life.




During the May Day holiday, I started reading a book titled, “Finding the Right Woman For You” by Michelle McKinney Hammond and I’ll like to share some things I learnt from it with my readers. For a while now, I’ve had opportunities to speak with guys who seem to have everything but are confused or scared of making a mistake in their choice of a good woman. I must say that for men and women, finding “The One” seems to be as elusive as finding a needle in a haystack. It’s very likely though, that your mindset could be hindering your search.