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This article was taken from the blog of a friend and brother, Praise Fowowe, who has been currently working on a sexpurecentric project whose vision can be summarized by the statement below:

“A sexpurecentric world is possible. Join the madness, treat a lady right and educate somebody right today.”

Everywhere he goes, he makes the following statements which I believe strongly:

“Sex without a marital commitment reduces a woman into a hole that must be penetrated at all costs. They are beings that must be respected, not things that must be used. The only safe sex is sex in marriage.”

Very recently, he posted an article on his site which I believe every parent and intending parent MUST read and ACT on URGENTLY. Here goes:

I got an SMS that got me crying (I am a very emotional person). It came from a 15year old girl and it reads;
‘Good evening. I’m just 15years old and I can’t control my urge and this is really causing me pains. I have tried my best to stay out of sex but it’s not working. I need help’
I have handled cases in times past but I really felt her pain when she later called me explaining how she has been having sex with her cousins on a daily basis and sometimes with her friends (her parents are ignorant of this). After talking to her for some time, I asked if she could make a commitment to abstain from sex for the next 7days only for her to tell me she wouldn’t be able to keep to that commitment. We eventually agreed to a 48hour abstinence which I believed she kept.

I am sure some of you are wondering what I am trying to drive at but I want you to consider taking a walk around your house and while trying to move downstairs, you began to hear some noise coming from a particular room only for you to locate the room and discover your 15year old daughter having sex with a 19year old first cousin. I wonder what you would have done to the two of them.
The truth is most of us love to read other people’s stories without bothering to find out what is really happening in our homes. The whole essence of this column is not to report others but for us to be aware of what is happening and do our best to prevent it.

The other day my executive assistant had to handle another case of a brother (21) and his sister (15) having sex every night with each other in the same room their parents sleep. My people we must all be aware of the strange things happening at the moment and be more alert at home so that we don’t allow our children destroy their future.

I am sure some of us would get spiritual and say it was because the parents were not praying enough. But what do you make of my last campus speaking engagement?

I was invited to a top University with a very solid spiritual background as a matter of fact you would have thought that 90% of the students in the school were born again Christians (I thought so too) but by the time I was done and wanted to speak with some of them who had one form of sexual addiction problem or the other I got the shocker of my life when almost everyone in the hall came out for help. I thought they didn’t understand the people I wanted so I repeated myself. That day, most of the people that came out had masturbation/sex problems.

Since I left that school, the students haven’t allowed me rest with mid-night calls asking for urgent help out of their problems. The sad thing is that most parents are not even aware of what their children are going through and the school authorities don’t even have the slightest clue on how to deal with the situation (that is they aware of the problems). The religious institutions as well seem to have ‘spiritualized’ everything without paying attention to the realities on ground. There seem to be a huge gap between the children and the parents because we are no longer in tune with the present day realities.

If the youths who are meant to be our future fathers and mothers are already addicted to sex at 15, hooked to masturbation at 16 and already have an uncontrollable appetite for sex. What does the future portends? As we celebrate this year’s children’s day we all need to look inwards as parents and get back to our children to show them more love and get to the level where they can open up to us knowing that we truly love them. My heart bleeds as I look back at what our youths are getting themselves involved in sexually.

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3 Responses to “STATE OF EMERGENCY”


    This is food for thought for parents,guardians,religous and educational institutions.
    How much of the future are we helping to shape,if we do not take interest in the future-our children and wards.They are the future.
    For you and Deolu,what do i say?But to thank God for giving you to Nigeria.Since,i met you along with Tosh et al in Dubai last year,my hope has been renewed,both as a lawmaker and concerned Nigerian.Please keep it all up and continue to mould and remould lives.
    The future belongs to you and you are destined to play a significant role in our body polity.
    I commend and thank you,most sincerely.KEEP IT UP.



  3. Tope says:

    Waoh, this is a pleasant surprise. Thanks sir for dropping by and posting your comments.

    Thanks also for your continued support, reassurance and belief in the things we say, write and stand for.

    Have a great week!

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