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I wonder, really wonder why many guys pee on the streets. Yeah, you read me right. You see them, young, old, illiterates and even the educated do it at the slightest opportunity. Last week, i went to see my project supervisor in Unilag, and on my way back towards the gate, i saw two boys strolling along the walk way; the next thing was that one of them turned to pee, almost immediately, the friend joined him. Then i looked before him and i saw two older guys doing the same thing. Of course, the younger boys did it because they saw the older ones setting the example. Also, some men do it communally.

I find this act very irritating. It’s a very very bad habit. The interesting part is that some guys, on getting to their destination, still go to a nearby bush or drainage instead of walking into the house and using the convenience.

Some people are of the school of thought that men get pressed so much that they have to ease themselves at the slightest opportunity. We need to look at the environmental and health implications of releasing conc. ammonia around. I think it’s the same excuse given to justify the inability of men to be able to contain or manage their sexual urges. Everything starts as a small harmless act but develops into a monster which consumes and takes over the person. The society has approved a number of things for men, meanwhile, it’s a taboo or indecent for ladies to engage in the same things. Whether for males or females, a bad habit is a bad habit. Let’s not make excuses for the bad habits we have. Let’s confront them, and solve them.

Moreso, we can’t have a new nation if we still make a mess around. Someone made a joke recently, that the reason why people pee around is because the state of the environment looks like a place to do so. On a serious note, let’s educate people to stop this act.

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  1. Praise Fowowe says:

    Great post. i find it very sad when i see old people pee on the street and when they even smoke.
    Unfortunately we leave the same legacy for the younger generation
    Its bad enof that we are leaving bad inheritance for our children’s children
    old people lets lead the younger generation right.
    Tope kudos to you

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