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Self Esteem: Ladies’ Gist…..

Yesterday, i had a very interesting experience. I went to AJ city with my husband. It was our first time in AJ city; yessoo! Ajegunle… I had all sorts of pictures in my mind as we drove there. It was an everlastingly long journey but finally, we got there.
The aim of the visit was to see and talk to a group of young guys and ladies, boys and girls who had something in common-their “stigmatised” environment which at the moment, they cannot not change. One thing struck me most about them though, it was their passion and hunger to learn and make up for their disadvantages. They listened, took notes and nodded in affirmation as my husband spoke. He connected with them and it was obvious. After that session, we split into two groups – guys and ladies. Deolu spoke with the guys while i handled the ladies.

At the ladies’ meeting, i spoke for a while on Self Esteem. Here are some lessons ladies need to learn about Self esteem:

1) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL: Believe you are beautiful. Think beautiful and live beautiful. Walk on the street and feel beautiful. Every lady is a queen, someone’s queen. Carry yourself as such. As a lady, be tender but not weak, be gentle, but not vulnerable, be innocent, but not stupid, be wise, but not cunning. We have influence as women, let us use it positively.

2) SMILE: Smile, smile, smile. Nothing makes a woman seem more attractive than a friendly smile. Let your smile reflect your confidence, don’t let it be a tool of seduction.

3) BE THANKFUL: Don’t be afraid of the mirror. Look at your body and bond with it. Feel those curves and be thankful you are healthy.

4) CULTIVATE YOU: Understand that the most important part of beauty comes from within. Cultivate your spirit, read, soar, and don’t spend so much time in front of the TV!

5) DO SOMETHING YOU ARE GOOD AT: It will make you feel more competent, accomplished and capable afterwards!

6) STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF: Low self esteem is often accompanied by too much focus on oneself, self pity….etc Get busy, add value, help solve people’s problems…..

7) REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE ACHIEVED: Nothing is too small to be termed as an achievement. The most important thing is that it was done by you. Feel good about your achievement, celebrate yourself and let it affect the way you perceive yourself.} else {

3 Responses to “Self Esteem: Ladies’ Gist…..”

  1. Wisdombrook says:

    Hi Mama T,
    You are doing great things here. I now understand better, Behind every successful man, there is a woman!
    Keep it up.

  2. I presume you had a great time talking those ladies. I really agree with you on #6. What really makes low self esteem is too much worrying about oneself about our weakness we have and instead of doing productive, self pity hinders us from doing so. Honestly, I experienced this one but now I understand that it isn’t about them it’s about me.


  3. Braza Niyi says:

    Profound!! Welldone!!

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