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Hello my people,

Here’s an article i read on a friend’s blog, and since it is one which stands as a warning, i feel there’s a need for as many people as possible to read. All need to constantly renew their stand against sexual immorality. I search, and i’m sure God is on the look-out, for men and women, who will say NO, or enough to being stripped of honour, strength and dignity by sexual immorality. We need to believe more in the truth of chastity and purity, than in the lie and bondage of sin. Here goes:

Praise, an Apostle of Sexual Purity by the will of God, according to the promise of life that is in Christ Jesus.

To New Naija, my dear sons and daughters, Grace, mercy and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Spirit warns expressly that in the month of June perilous times shall come for men shall be sexually pressured more than ever and women will feel more sexually pressured.

Many who would not understand positioning may surprise themselves by falling in the face of temptation and many who have been struggling may not be able to hold their body this month. This is because the prince of this world has released so much venom and pollution into the atmosphere such that men would begin to compromise their quiet time, and go several days without prayers.

Men will become so busy that they would not pay attention to their closet life. Secret and besetting sins will be the other of the day and as a result of continuous struggling with sin and the fall of many respected people, the love of many will wax cold.

But he that endures till the end shall be saved because there is still a balm in Gilead and the hand of the Lord is not too short to save.

Let the married men among you take heed lest you fall into extra-marital this season but know that after June there will be summer so keep your eye on summer and refuse to fall this season. Avoid compromising situations and questionable privacies. Communicate your feelings to your accountable friends and know that you have all it takes to stand this season.

Friends i hear expressly that the devil has asked for permission to sift you like the wheat but I have prayed for you so that you may stand and when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren.

To the singles among you, there is an exchange going on at the realm of the spirit. Every sexual intercourse is an exchange in this month of June and the target is your destiny.

As we build towards 2025, the devil is angrier that the Lord has put solutions for the problem of this nation inside of you and he has vowed to take that solution away from you so that you can become ordinary.

Remember that Mike Tyson was referred to as Iron Mike Tyson until he compromised his sexuality and he became a punching bag in the hands of an unrated boxer.

Learn from Governor Spitzer the former governor of New York who compromised his sexuality and lost not only the governorship but also bid farewell to the future prospect of a shot at the white house. Remember he was displaced and replaced with a black man who was also blind.

The devil is out to steal what God has put in you to make 2025 a reality but he will come after you in the form of the closest person to you. The lady you least expected or even the man that you respected so much.

Let he that has ears listen to what the spirit is saying to the church.

And to our wounded soldiers, I mean those of you that have fallen in the course of the year. This is not the time to give up because I see a grace released on your behalf for restoration. I sense the season of Jubilee in my spirit where all that the enemy has taken shall be restored unto you. However pay attention to your sexuality this season and learn to open up to elders that can help and strengthen you.

I commend you unto God and the word of His grace that is able to keep you from falling and preserve you all through this month of June. To him be all the glory forever and ever.

Greet Deolu Akinyemi and Tope my fellow burden bearersĀ for me and the whole house of Generis solution.

My young people do your best to stay out of trouble this season and to Uncommon Man Network do not forget to take the parchment I left in thine house along.

The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be unto you.

Your brother

Praise Fowowe

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  1. dada yemisi says:

    Aunty T,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the article with us.
    God bless you and the uncommon man network…

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