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You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under-foot by men.” – Matt 5:13 (NKJ)

There was a period when it seemed as if everyone around me who i had trusted over the years began to degenerate as far as strength of character was concerned. It was as if you had to search long and very hard to find people who were morally upright.

I then spoke with a friend and confidant who reminded me of a few of the ways in which God reminds us of his expectations of us as christians. Jesus makes us understand that as christians, we are the salt of the earth. Apart from adding sweetness, salt is meant to serve as a preservative from decay and degeneration. The world system is naturally on a downward trend, normally, things degenerate, EXCEPT we make our effect felt on the earth.

Salt has two mechanisms of action as a preservative agent:

1. It creates a hypertonic (high solute low water) environment causing water to flow out of bacteria to the extent that they can’t survive.

2. It deprives them of adequate water, moisture, that they need to grow and thrive.

So, our presence even within our immediate environment should make it not conducive for someone to thrive in wrongdoing. We’re expected to be the benchmark/standard for doing things right. Let’s become concentrated salt and rescue someone from destruction. If everyone does his part, the impact will be enormous.

What happens when salt loses its saltiness? It becomes like dust, waste, to be trampled upon by anyone. In other words, when you refuse to add preservative value, you lose relevance and become worthless. You become as good as dead, because you’re good for nothing. God’s word says so, and i believe it.

So, my charge to you today is that you should not lose your saltiness, let’s preserve our degenerating society by retaining the quality of our saltiness.

How can you retain your saltiness?

  • Live consciously, by example, as one who will give account.
  • Don’t have apologies for doing things right, even when you’re ridiculed and labelled.
  • Let someone’s story of transformation be incomplete without reference being made to you. Bring sweetness to people’s life. Be the change agent they’ve been searching for.

Have an impactful week!} else {

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