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The two hot slaps he received initiated him into the cult. After receiving the slaps, he heard a voice in the room which told him, “welcome to the pirates club”. The next night was the initiation proper. It was an experience. From then onwards, he became a devout member, attended the meetings regularly, became a force to reckon with on campus and enjoyed the good things of life – girls, booze, etc. There was no girl he wanted that he didn’t get.

Along the line, he met a girl who he really liked and wanted to have. He really wanted to sleep with the girl at all costs but she never gave in. One day, she invited him to his fellowship. He was so irritated and refused to attend, but she persisted. After a while, he decided to go, thinking, at least, it could give him an opportunity to get what he wanted.

The night before the sunday morning service was spent at the club, drinking and partying, so he was half drunk as he dressed up for the service. He got to the service and began to doze, the lady pinched and hit him several times to keep him awake but he kept sleeping off. It got so bad after a while that he started snoring! He woke up towards the end of the service but pretended to still be asleep to save himself from further embarrasment. He apologized profusely to the lady and promised to come again. And he came again, and again. On one of the services, he came out when an altar call was raised. He was prayed for and after the service, the lady was so excited and when he saw her reaction, he asked her to come to his room so they could “celebrate”. He still didn’t feel different.

The girl refused to go home with him; so he went to his place and he decided to celebrate by drinking some of the bottles of beer he had in his fridge. He opened the first bottle and as poured it into a glass, a strong offensive smell wafted across his nostrils. He poured the beer away and opened the second bottle but the smell came strong again. The incident repeated itself until he poured away the 16bottles of beer in his fridge. That was the last time he tasted alcohol, that was in May, 1986. Since then, he has grown in christ, and the lady in this story eventually became his wife.

He has since served God and experienced his hand in his home and business. He owns and manages a company and he’s doing well. He’s been going around the world, sharing his story and lives have been changed through him.

I pray for as many as are reading this that you will have an encounter with God that will change your life forever. God is still in the business of changing lives. No matter how far gone you are, God can give you a new life.

Come unto me, all you that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.


  1. joy ofili says:

    Our God is a great God

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