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5 days ago was my fifth wedding anniversary. Yesso! I’ve been married for 5 good years…hmmm. Really, it does feel much shorter than five years ago that i got married. I look back and am amazed at the number of milestones God has helped me attain within this period – it’s been a mixture of joys, uncertainties, challenges, dreams, hopes and aspirations….the years have been extremely eventful.


3 days ago, one of the security men that man the gate of the estate where i live came to meet me to inform me that i was supposed to give him money. I was surprised and asked him for what? He quickly tried to remind me of a day he helped wash my sister’s car, she wasn’t around then. Of course, his money was paid without further questions.


Among Lagos drivers, “shunting” is very common. Laughingly, my husband on a few occasions termed them “entrepreneurs”. He says they exhibit the core characteristic of entrepreneurs: they move out of a regularly moving queue (the norm) and move forward using another lane (uncertainty); when they get to the fore-front, they either force their way in, or appeal to someone to give them an in-road. The only difference between the two is that the driver breaks laws by facing oncoming vehicles in order to achieve his goal of getting ahead while the entrepreneur faces obstacles headlong until they give way.


I just finished reading a book titled, “The Little Book of Business Wisdom” by Brian Banashak and i’ll be sharing some learnings in the next few posts. The first i’d like to share is the Businessperson’s 23rd Psalm. Here it goes:


In developed countries, it is illegal to scold/spank children, either verbally or physically, so children insist on having their way whenever they want to. Parents get frustrated once they get angry with their children and can’t do anything about it. But in Africa, “it is not so”….lol.