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Among Lagos drivers, “shunting” is very common. Laughingly, my husband on a few occasions termed them “entrepreneurs”. He says they exhibit the core characteristic of entrepreneurs: they move out of a regularly moving queue (the norm) and move forward using another lane (uncertainty); when they get to the fore-front, they either force their way in, or appeal to someone to give them an in-road. The only difference between the two is that the driver breaks laws by facing oncoming vehicles in order to achieve his goal of getting ahead while the entrepreneur faces obstacles headlong until they give way.
To be an entrepreneur is not beanz…lol. It’s enviable when results begin to show, but during the gestation period, it looks and feels like a long, never-ending road. It takes GUTS more than any other thing to embark on a journey whose destination is uncertain. One must understand that there’s no other choice but making the venture/business work to be able to succeed in it.

I’m aware of business discussions with people in full employment which didn’t work out eventually, some don’t even commence because there’re alternatives for them to fall back on, but for an entrepreneur, ko si choice!

Below are a few points that will prove very helpful for the would-be and full entrepreneurs:

  • Make a committment to succeed, failure is not an option.
  • Don’t kick the broom! – Manage anger, it can stifle business growth.
  • “Picture” your success.
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude.
  • Remember to forget past mistakes.
  • To keep reaping, keep sowing. If neglected, any business will dwindle.
  • The plans of the diligent lead to profit. Diligence is a constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; constant implies a steady pacing of effort at a sustainable rate.

Diligence + Planning = Success

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3 Responses to “NO CHOICE…..”

  1. Akinmoladun Olawale tosin says:

    A good ‘sermon” I will call it. I learnt a great deal from it. Look around you, the answer to your problem is there.

  2. byola says:


    The ENTREPRENEUR will face difficulties/challenges
    be an ENTREPRENEUR anyway
    for what don’t kill you only makes you stronger

    The ENTREPRENEUR will be facing uncertainty and will be taking a risk
    be an ENTREPRENEUR anyway
    for what in life does not involve uncertainty and risk

    What if I dont make it?
    C’mon What if you do?

    The ENTREPRENEUR will have late nights and very early mornings
    be an ENTREPRENEUR anyway
    for no labour is in vain and there is always reward for labour

    ENTREPRENEURs are their own boss
    ENTREPRENEURs are job creators
    ENTREPRENEURs are risk takers

    Go Go Go

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