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I just finished reading a book titled, “The Little Book of Business Wisdom” by Brian Banashak and i’ll be sharing some learnings in the next few posts. The first i’d like to share is the Businessperson’s 23rd Psalm. Here it goes:

The Lord is my mentor
I shall not flounder
He shows me where opportunities lie
He leads me to safe havens
He restores my hope
Though I walk through the valley of disappointment, danger and despair
I will fear no failure
For He is with me
His expert direction and training
Bring me security
He presents my greatest lessons
In the midst of the chaos around me
He affirms my personal worth
And I’m filled with confidence
Surely growth and maturity will mark my life
All the days we are associated
And I will be His friend and partner forever.

I do hope you find it helpful, i do. Have a great day.

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