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In developed countries, it is illegal to scold/spank children, either verbally or physically, so children insist on having their way whenever they want to. Parents get frustrated once they get angry with their children and can’t do anything about it. But in Africa, “it is not so”….lol.

While we were growing up, we had our fair share of flogging and we turned out better for it. I remember vividly an incident that happened when i was in primary school. A visitor (who i didn’t know) came to see my parents but they were not around. He came along with assorted biscuits and dropped them with us, we asked him if we could eat them and he said we could. As soon as he left, we “fell on the chops” and finished it. Our parents got back and we gladly gave them the message, proudly adding that we ate the biscuit because the visitor told us to. The worst part was that we didn’t even ask for the visitor’s name!

That was it. My parents beat the hell out of us, and my big sis received the highest number of strokes. We had committed two huge offences. It wasn’t funny at all. By the way, this incident happened about 25years ago, and the memory is very green. We were not flogged very often, but when we were, they were always unforgettable experiences.

About a week ago, something very interesting happened. I had to seriously scold my daughter and my husband flogged her for asking and taking ice cream from a neighbour. That incident reminded me of “those days” and the need to step up in curbing certain tendencies in children before they become bad habits in the future.

The bible is complete. We have been taught that if we spare the rod, we will spoil the child. If we discipline our children, they will be disciplined and enviable adults in the future. Parenthood is a huge task, and has to be taken as such.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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  1. Ireti Ishola says:

    The importance of using the rod when a child is wrong cannot be overempasized. It helps to ensure that children don’t go astray. Parents should however, not use the rod always so that the child will not see it as the maximum whenever he commits an offence.

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