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The 4 Way Test

While i was growing up (I still am J), my parents were very active in the rotary club. Both of them had been president at different times. Every year, we had several events; the biggest event being the annual Christmas party. There were lots of gifts to be won and we were made to participate in different games and exercises. I remember one of the exercises was the recitation of the Rotary Club’s 4 way test. It goes thus:


Several years ago, it was norm to have the men being the primary/sole provider for the family. The typical/conventional family had the father towing the path of developing a successful career while the woman was at home, taking care of the children, or at best, teaching in a nearby government school where they close at between 1-2pm daily. The situation then had the wives heavily dependent on the husband; it was easy to obey without much questioning. Then, cases of wives attempting suicide were rampant, some developed mental imbalance when they heard of their husbands cheating on them. I was not told, i know a few. Largely, one could say that wives were not independent.


This article is dedicated to ladies. I’ll be focusing on the unmarried in this article, by this i mean the single and searching/being sought, and the single, not searching….lol. I was motivated to write this as a result
of a comment posted by Tolu on my last article. He said and i quote:


This week has been very demanding and thankfully, productive. The week was almost ending and i discovered i had not written a single post, so i decided against all odds to do so. I’ll make this a very brief one.


The truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide.–Michael Rivero

Last Saturday, i watched an episode of a program i had come to like on Series channel, it’s titled, “Moment of Truth”. It’s a reality TV show in which people get to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by telling the truth. The program is such that, the contestant is placed on a hot seat, asked questions and with every correct answer earns increasing amounts of money; he/she can choose to walk away at the peak of every stage if the questions get too personal (they always do); he/she is allowed to come with very close family – spouse, parents, and or siblings; for moral support and to check what information one should not divulge in the bid to answer a question in order to win money.