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The truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide.–Michael Rivero

Last Saturday, i watched an episode of a program i had come to like on Series channel, it’s titled, “Moment of Truth”. It’s a reality TV show in which people get to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by telling the truth. The program is such that, the contestant is placed on a hot seat, asked questions and with every correct answer earns increasing amounts of money; he/she can choose to walk away at the peak of every stage if the questions get too personal (they always do); he/she is allowed to come with very close family – spouse, parents, and or siblings; for moral support and to check what information one should not divulge in the bid to answer a question in order to win money.

Usually, in the course of an episode, two to three contestants are featured, but in this last episode, it was a single contestant throughout the program. Why did he stay for that long? Because he told the truth and went through the different levels in the course of the one hour program. The questions are usually very personal and are mostly centred around values. Examples are: Can you donate an organ to your mother if that will make her live? Would you cheat on your wife if you knew you would never be caught? Will you ever forgive your mother for attending your wedding dressed in black? etc.

When the guy had earned $100,000, his mother and wife told him to stop the game but his daughter urged him on, reasoning that there was hardly anymore serious information to be divulged than had been given out already. If he hadn’t been told to stop, he would’ve continued. He needed the money quite alright, but the value called honesty wasn’t lacking either. Apart from being honest, we discovered he was faithful to his wife. Even if we argue that he told the truth for money, he already wasn’t cheating on his wife when there was no monetary reward to be earned from doing that. For married people, there’re 2 very common things that give couples a basis to lie to each other – money issues, and issues bordering on infidelity; once those are in place, other issues are relatively small.

I grew up thinking that most people always tell the truth, and that the few that don’t are very bad people. Alas! the reverse is the case. You look hard for truthful people these days and it’s really sad. We can be tempted to believe that we’re covering up when we lie, but what we stand to lose is so enormous that money cannot buy it; the damage is much, and lieing is the “foreplay” leading to the main “acts”. It’s not possible to lie continously and it will stop at that; things must step “up” or “down”. Some people have lied about certain things in their lives for years that it has now become established as truth.

The scriptures settled it when it says we should speak the truth in love, the truth indeed makes one free, there’ll be no use to fabricate more lies to cover up lies already told. When we speak the truth, we don’t need to analyze before answering questions, we won’t need to watch our backs, we’ll live and talk freely.

Always tell the truth. That way you don’t have to remember what you said.–Mark Twain

7 Responses to “MOMENT OF TRUTH”

  1. Bukola says:

    My sis, truth is it anyday, there’s just a peace with it…deep down

  2. Bussee says:

    Nice show MI,

    Can’t help thinking everybody will end up being a guest on that show. If not on earth, after earth has passed away, and it certainly wont be for money and there wont be options of stopping when questions are getting too personal.

  3. Theresa says:

    The truth may hurt but a lie can cut a deeper wound.

  4. Tope says:

    @ Bukkie, yesso….

    @ Bussee, hmm…word. He that has ears, let him hear……

  5. Truth! One day, we will all seat before the Throne of God, and we wouldn’t have to say a word. The books will be openned and the scenes brought to light.

    We should all live our lives, like one day, we’ll give account, because we will!

  6. Tunde Jospeh says:

    Hi So good reading your post.
    One Day we will Have to Tell the TRUTH,
    i beleive nothing else is worth telling
    Yu’re blessed

  7. FT says:

    Moment of truth………………I am asking myself about some lies I have told if they’ve been worth it!
    I am reminded again that we would give account once day, at the judgement throne! and we would have to tell the TRUTH about every lie we have told!

    its not worth it, one should live a life of truth………….afterall, the bible says the truth would set us free!
    and now I remember the scriptures that if all we live for is just for the earth, then we are the most miserable of all men

    Thanks for your post!

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