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I always never like to be tribalistic but rather, to see every tribe as unique. For every tribe in Nigeria, there are strong, positive characteristics as well as negative ones. There’s something so strong about the Ibo tribe, and that’s their business acumen. You can literally follow a young Ibo guys growth in business as he puts in dedication and a lot of commitment to see it grow.


I’m writing this article for the ladies. “Why the ladies now”?, you may ask. Well, i don’t know; maybe because am a lady 🙂

Speak up!

Hello friends, i’m sure we all had a restful holiday. This week was a rather short, but exciting one for me. I’d like to write on a topic i find very important at every stage of life because there are always challenges we need to battle, always.


The year is winding up. People are in a hurry. Deadlines need to be met. Money needs to be made to take care of the demands of the festive season – children need new clothes and shoes to show off to their friends, variety of meals and goodies need to be made available, so everyone is running against time. Yesterday as i drove home from work, i felt the impatience in the air. People drove along slowly moving traffic as if they were making to ram into vehicles ahead of them just to get along.


At different times in the course of the week, i have told myself that i needed to write and post an article; but this morning, i made up my mind i wasn’t going to go home until i had posted something. It has been a very full week of work for me, and very exciting as well. Let’s go straight to the meat of today’s gist.