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At different times in the course of the week, i have told myself that i needed to write and post an article; but this morning, i made up my mind i wasn’t going to go home until i had posted something. It has been a very full week of work for me, and very exciting as well. Let’s go straight to the meat of today’s gist.

Have you noticed that the number of single guys of marriage age is very high compared to before? Have you observed that the marriage age, especially for guys is much more than it used to be? Guys are a lot more under pressure to prove to “potential wives” that they can take care of them; they’re overwhelmed at the demands place on guys; hence the delay most times. Many ladies don’t even want to know that you have a vision and a bright future, they want to see what you’ve got; they want to be taken care of; they want to see the life they’ve always fantasized about actualized and they want it NOW!

I remember when we got married over 5years ago. Apart from the fact that my husband had to take a loan to augment the rent, for some months, the house was very bare (as bare as a baby’s butt 🙂 ). I was sharing this with a younger lady and she was so surprised that she blurted out a question, “you didn’t even have a TV?”. I wondered what the big deal was in not having a TV at the beginning. One can never remain at the same stage forever! The only things in the house were a rug in our room, a 4×6 mattress, a table top cooker in the kitchen, and of course, the curtains were firmly in place to prevent passersby from seeing how empty the house was. Any visitor we had then had to seat on the rug in our room!

Now, i think about that period and it feels like it all happened yesterday. We’re not where we want to be yet but we’re not where we used to be. I never bothered about how things were because there was no doubt in my mind that it was a phase. This article is not for self glory but to make the ladies see that the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of the things he has per time and that our attitude when approaching marriage needs to be right.

The bible makes it abundantly clear that:

“He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”

That tells me that there’s something about a wife that brings favour which connotes multiplication, increase and open doors. Many females are draining their husbands, they’re so materialistic, it’s amazing! Every time she calls, he assumes she wants to make a demand. Such things gradually erode the quality of a relationship. A woman was created to be an asset in every sense of the word. Let’s take a look at the definition of an asset. According to the free online dictionary by Farlex, an asset is:

“A useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or resource.”

There are a few things about assets that i’ll like to highlight that drive home some of the things that are on my mind:

1) An asset is an investment that is valuable. Are you valuable? Are you capable of enriching your relationship by the quality of decisions and contributions you give? Do you create solutions or problems and pressures for your spouse? Is your impact felt or you’re just doing the things that are routine? Will your partner miss you seriously if you’re away, no matter for how short a period?

2) An asset appreciates with time. Were you only the ideal wife during the first year of your marriage or first few months of your courtship and have depreciated over the years? Is your worth increasing with time? Are you ensuring that you’re top of the range to your spouse?

3) An asset is a resource. Has your input brought increase to your home or relationship? DO you build up or tear down?

4) An asset is an advantage. Does your relationship with your spouse put him at an advantage? Does it help him in any way?

Men will always be men. They won’t tell women they can do with some help; but they would appreciate us being the extra factor that supports them in achieving their dreams.

So, my dear, be an ASSET; you’ll be amazed how great the returns will be. It is always worth it.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

8 Responses to “AN ASSET?”

  1. FT says:

    True talk! Praying to God that I will ( and always ) be an asset in every way!


  2. Kamal says:

    I have to confess that all the articles I have read here have blessed me so much. Here I have learnt some things I need to learn as a man, hope our sisters have learnt from this too.

    Mummy T, keep up the good work.

  3. Joseph Ekwu says:

    This is a great post…Welldone… you write so well, as I read I stopped at a point to think and found out some examples of how marriage has blessed most men.

    True talk………. I am enjoying every bit of this site….pls don’t stop.

    Looking forward to another great post.

    Thumbs up…………………

  4. Tolu Akinsanmi says:

    You know… just described the virtuous woman as illustrated in Proverbs 31….she is a very valuable asset indeed and her price is said to be far above rubies…….I once asked a single guy if he had found any eligible lady in his church, and he said he was quite afraid of asking any of the ladies for a relationship. He said he tried it once and the lady sized him up and down, the first thing she said to him was; ” what kind of job do you do anyway. The poor guy who was just struggling to work and pay his tuition said he was so intimidated by her demeanor that he took to his heels…..I think many lades miss out of world class men because they are looking for “ready made” men……

    Well written Tope, God bless you

  5. JesusFreak says:

    Tru talk…I wonder if every man and woman can be an asset…Of a truth, this is possible, very possible. If every man and woman can make this a point of duty, we will no have issues of late marriages, broken marriages or ‘one-sided’ marriages…I’m learning

  6. Oro… this one needs to be published somewhere… I’ll gist you.

  7. Mascot says:

    Hmmmmm….wat more can i say? u av said it we can knot our ties back,buckle our shoes back,re-tuck in our shirts,sit the suits back on shoulders…and walk tall like men that we are,with some female arm twining ours,as we step towards the aisle. Good one,Tope!

  8. Olaoluwatomi says:

    True talk but the converse is true in a sense. Most guys are intimidated by women who seem to have more material possessions than they do, a woman with a car is not looked at as an asset but someone too big for her shoes, a woman with a job that pays more than them is looked at as someone who is a potential trouble maker and not a submissive woman!
    I know thats not the focus of this post but bros need to know that ladies with seemingly more than them do not pose a threat but may well be the asset thay have been praying for!
    Your blog is da bum! Keep up the good work!

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