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Speak up!

Speak up!

Hello friends, i’m sure we all had a restful holiday. This week was a rather short, but exciting one for me. I’d like to write on a topic i find very important at every stage of life because there are always challenges we need to battle, always.

Have you noticed that whenever we hear bad news or a scandal about a person, most especially, someone who has become famous and influential, it usually opens up a can of worms that is usually, very very unpalatable and shameful? My focus on this article is not the can of worms but in preventing the accumulation of any “skeletons” in our cupboards.

Have you noticed that a problem when internalized or kept in the mind, grows and becomes really exaggerated, but once you share it, seems to lose its mystery or power to a good extent? At the point where you say it out, the automatic next step is seeking a way forward.

Many people talk about everything else except their challenges and problems. It’s amazing that this type of scenario is so rampant: A lady gets emotionally involved with a guy and ends up sleeping with the guy, after that she feels very bad and used, and keeps it totally to herself. Unknown to the girl, the guy had a plan of sleeping with her other 3 sisters even before he set out to get her in the first place; and because of the “keep it to myself” syndrome, they all get used by the same guy and discover much later. It’s extremely painful and could have been avoided.

As a teenager, i once had a crush on a much older guy, who could have taken advantage of me, had i not shared my “feelings” with my elder sister, who told me the same guy had been disturbing her! at the same time o! Immediately she told me, the feelings flew out of the window, my eyes cleared!

For the guys, i appreciate the fact that you don’t want to look or appear less than the man, but there’s nothing that destroys faster than keeping secret a vice that gradually erodes one’s life away. It’s not unmanly to get help or have someone you respect as an accountability partner; you’ll be better for it. We all need at least someone we admire and respect; and who will always tell us the truth as an accountability partner. If you don’t have such person in your life, it might be a very long road filled with unending regrets.

If you ask me, this is a fantastic time to start afresh and enter into the new year void of skeletons and cobwebs that will impair progress in the new year. Let’s face our vices and fix them; let’s speak up and get help, it’s a new day!

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2 Responses to “Speak up!”

  1. JesusFreak says:

    Preach…”A problem shared is half solved”…”Closed mouth equals closed destiny”…

  2. Kamal says:

    Good piece……..thanks

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