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I’m writing this article for the ladies. “Why the ladies now”?, you may ask. Well, i don’t know; maybe because am a lady 🙂

Very unlike in the days of our forefathers when the size of a woman was a sign of the husband’s affluence, these days, people go to any length to achieve an hour glass shape, aside from the regular exercising, some use pills and some even go as far as surgery. It’s in our days that people almost kill themselves to have a perfect body.

It is important to be healthy, fit and have a great shape; but the context of this discussion is to remind the ladies of the need to give their minds and spirit a lot more attention that their bodies. I’ve met ladies who cannot sit to have an intelligent conversation because they’ve got close to nothing upstairs. Every spare time is spent in Idle gossip and reading soft sell magazines, nothing developmental at all. Not everybody goes to school, but nobody has the excuse of not being able to be good at something, and being versatile and knowledgable in today’s world is key. Men respect women who have something to say and can make meaningful contributions, such women are assets.

Women need to be empowered to see themselves in the right light. Some ladies don’t attend a function because they don’t have the aso ebi and people might make fun of them. Some buy on credit or borrow just to measure up, some lose their confidence because they feel they’re not as pretty or shapely as the next person, and so rob themselves of the potential to be the best. There’s so much value placed on the body at the detriment of the mind and spirit.

You don’t need to attend one to know that every party always has a lot more ladies than guys. I had to ask why? And i think because ladies get money there that help them maintain the lifestyle of living large and they keep coming back for more. Anything you get with your body and doesn’t require the constructive use of your mind will not last. Ladies have dumped guys with potential for “ready mades” all because of immediate gratification.

On the other hand, based on past abuse, some ladies have developed a low self esteem. They see every guy as wanting to have sex with them, and ultimately give their bodies as a means of keeping a man. NO WOMAN HAS EVER KEPT A MAN BY HAVING SEX WITH HIM, NONE! So, i’ll advise you increase the value you place on yourself, carry yourself gracefully and with dignity. Invest in yourself, acquire skills, get knowledge and use it, task yourself, stretch and grow, cultivate progressive associations until you become invaluable, because yes, you can!

We have too much to give, to our homes, places of work and society at large. We have capacity to take pressures and profer solutions, capacity to conceive ideas and bring to birth, capacity to nurture to adulthood. Lady, rise up, because you’re more than your body.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

12 Responses to “YOU’RE MORE THAN YOUR BODY”

  1. Emog says:

    True….very true

  2. JesusFreak says:

    …Where r the ladies comment on this article..Well, i guess the are reading n learning…That reminds me of this idea i have on ‘Sex Academy’ …lol

    Hoping to meet you this hols on this….

  3. ayotunde says:

    Hi, is your site for females alone?

  4. mummy Ire…..i dey gbadun your site o

    Great contribution

    oluyemi Adeosun

  5. Tope says:

    @ Emog, i like your comments, short and sharp.

    @Jesusfreak, the academy sounds interesting, lemme in on it. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting on a reg.

    @Ayotunde, no it’s not for ladies alone o, i’ll make it up for the guys, there’s something to learn o, even for the guys.

  6. Ireti Ishola says:

    Nice piece.It is gratifying that you and Deolu are a blessing to our generation.Keep up the good work.I will recommend your site to my lady and some of my very good friends.

  7. Lola says:

    Preach it! Too much emphasis placed on the outer appearance at the detriment of the inner man…….The lengths some of us go to ‘meet up’ to man-made standards is quite saddening.

    Beautiful post.

  8. damilola says:

    truly spoken……………….,Great site

  9. Funmi says:

    Beautiful written as usual. Keep up the good work.
    MW, thanks for stopping by mine the other day. been working on several things but i have managed to update now.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Abimbola Makinde says:

    Wonderful Article….this is very nice…..

  11. Abimbola Oki says:

    Your such a great writer, each piece is unique… There something very special about you, you re such a rare gem. Keep up and God bless you.

  12. JesusFreak says:

    Thanks mam for the chat the other night. I really appreciate it… I have done a part which is creating a blog.. It is here

    You can check it out. I will work on the publicity on facebook as u advised.


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