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Hello Guys, hope we had a restful weekend. Mine was a mixture of different things, the most striking of all being the constant reflective thought in my mind of how i need to do more than i’ve been doing.
On Friday evening, towards the close of work, i got bad news that one of the most longstanding members of my church choir had passed on. It was a rude shock because i still saw her barely a week before then, she even led a song. She had a surgery which was successful but developed complications as a result of blood transfusion after the surgery. Was the blood not properly screened? That’s the topic for another day.

I thought about the news and my mind raced to different experiences and contacts i had with her in her life time and what she was remembered for were the things she did. She was extremely warm and humble, and very agreeable. In the corporate world, she had gone far but it didn’t get to her head.

I thought about my life and what i will be remembered for when am gone; and i discovered i was doing far less than i should. I’m challenging you as we start this new week, let’s live our lives impactfully. We can’t afford to be ordinary, we have to serve and add value as much as lies within our power. There’s so much we have that is more than money which can change people’s lives.

Yesterday, i stumbled on a documentary on TV and it was about TY Bello’s song titled, “Ekundayo” and i discovered it was in recognition of a woman close to her 90s who had spent a good part of her life taking in orphans in a village in Kogi State; she has devoted her time and resources to doing it, and during an interview, when she spoke about what she had been doing, her eyes lit up, the sense of satisfaction was there. And you know what, till date, she has personally taken in close to 500 orphans! It’s amazing…

How did TY Bello discover her? It was in her own search for abandoned and underfunded orphanages, she met the old woman, heard her story and dedicated the song to her, and later went over to shoot the video there. I’m sure the video will be out soon. When you see things like that, you’re super motivated.

Every time we hear the news of someone’s death, it’s a call to examine and realign ourselves. For Sis Nwuogo, she has fought the fight and the race is over, and she has joined the cloud of witnesses urging us to fight on and not give up. We will miss her, her death was a big blow but she has ceased from pain and worries and is resting. For us who are alive and remain, we have another opportunity to do what we can, when we can. Let’s live to leave a legacy. Life is short, and we need to make it count.

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14 Responses to “A LIFE THAT COUNTS…”

  1. Emog says:

    A humble woman that loved and served God. May God give us the strength to do His will and fulfill our purpose in life. Amen

  2. Oluwakorede says:

    May her soul rest in peace.
    E pele !

  3. Stanley Emelife says:

    I knew her professionally and indeed she was a professional’s professional.On a personal level, she was truly human and endeared herself so easily.You couldn’t but love Nwugo as a person.I’m saddened, but then again, challenged to live like she did.

    May she rest in perfect peace.

  4. tunmise says:

    sister nwugo did not only affect my life but she cared enuf to see what only seeing eyes could..
    i met her 1999 april and i cant remember a day she did not hold me up….
    my heart goes out to toyin adebola nike adebola and especially her husband who frm all indications is her best friends…
    too emotional to go on rite now
    but i know in my knower she is in a better place

  5. byola says:

    I don’t know her, i never even met but from the sound of this i better buckle up. I often say i wasnt born on this seat, and i will not remain here forever. when i leave what will you people remember me by. years ago would av been best to decide to leave our footprints on the sands of time. but now is good too. tomorrow might be too late.

    nb: we dont leave footprints on the sands of time by dragging.

  6. My heart goes out to the immediate family of this great woman. If church members and colleagues can speak about her this passionately her passing on to glory will be a great blow to her folks. Yet we need to be greatful to God.

    Gardner- “Who plucked the fruit?
    Farm owner-“It is i”

    The gardner held his peace…….It is well

    Oluyemi Adeosun

  7. I was stunned and shocked at the same time when i saw the notice on facebook. Thanx for this article Topsie, would further strenghten other people’s commitment to living a quality life.

  8. sade oni says:

    Her death was such a big blow on everyone but like tope rightly said, it’s a time to reflect and make up our minds to add value to humanity in every little way we can. Life is not so much about the number of years we spent but much more about what we give to it. Let us all keep eternity in view as we go about our daily endeavours. I believe strongly sis Nwugo is resting in God’s bossom. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  9. Udy Uboh says:

    Heard on Friday night 11pm 09Jan. Am still in shock. It shouldn’t have been Nwiggi. Will definitely miss you, howbeit, I know you are in a far better place.

    Thanks Tope for this piece… Thanks for your efforts to urg me to push on . thanks especially for the last paragraph…

    God bless you.

  10. lanrux says:

    All this comment goes to remind us that it is not how long we lived but how well we lived. just like in your article topsie, beng able to positively affect lives is a strong indication of a life that counts…

  11. I just want to appreciate u for this piece.
    She was my very good friend and this shock thats left me reeling has propelled me to reach out to everyone God has given me the privilege of meeting.
    Death on this side of eternity is so final; lets use every opportunity to show those around us how much we care.
    I will miss that smile. May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.

  12. Abimbola says:

    May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  13. JesusFreak says:

    May her souls rest in peace..I don’t know her but for you to write about her..It really shows that she is what you said she is..

    Our life is meant to count by the seconds..We need to make this a reality..God help us..

    One another note, January 14th was Ty Bello’s birthday and you wrote this 2 days before her birthday.. She also is a gem whose life counts. I have adored her right form the days o KUSH..


  14. tholu says:


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