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I have tried to post this article several times but the internet connection kept timing out. However, i was determined to post it today anyway. I have also played with several options of what the title should be, but i guess the end justifies….

Last week, i got a surprise call from an old classmate of mine, who i had not seen or heard from in about 7 years; and the purpose of the call was amusing. He said a friend of his, who used to be our senior in school, now based in the US needed a wife, a “good girl”, preferably someone who studied pharmacy, and his friend who called me, wanted me to link him up with a friend who i highly recommend. I first thought it was a joke until the guy insisted that the guy had been disturbing him with calls!

I really wonder if connecting people doesn’t have the potential of causing more harm than good, in case the relationship turns sour after some time. I honestly try to run away from doing that, especially when i don’t know the two people in the picture.

Statistically, i think there are many more females than males, maybe ratio 3:1, right from child-bearing to the working class and more. I once heard of an all men’s meeting where a survey was done, and it was discovered that about 90% of the children born to them were girls; infact, only one of them had all sons, more than half had all girls and a good percentage had more girls and boys.

There’s a proven scientific way to plan the sex of your baby even before conception, it’s not 100% accurate, but let’s say 80%. You wanna know how? Contact me, and i’ll tell you how, only come with consultancy fee! Who knows? Maybe Obama’s Mama used it before he was conceived, and now, he’s the 44th President of the United States! It would’ve been mega tough if he was born a female….lol

On a serious note, back to our initial discussion, i wonder why, despite the high number of ladies around, you find guys searching hard for wives like a pin in a haystack. Someone even mentioned in a place where i was that “good girls have finished”. I smiled because it wasn’t true and he must have been talking based on his experiences with girls overtime. It’s really a bit scary to think that females with sound character and strong values are hard to find.

No matter the level of decadence, there’s always a “choice” few that still live up to the standard of values and virtue. Every guy, whether deserving of the few or not, fight to get them; afterall, everybody has the freedom of choice. What then can we say?

“He that walks with the wise shall be wise, and a companion of fools shall be destroyed” – Prov. 13:20

Certain ladies, who lived conservatively when they were much younger, grow up and begin to feel they missed out a lot in those days, and so start to do things to make up for “lost time”; hang out with a guy because he speaks “church vocabs” and is a regular at services, they both pray for mercy after every “fornication” experience, he’s not a BAD guy. He’s nice….that’s the commonest thing i hear these days….lol. Who isn’t when they want something?

Ladies, do not cast precious stones before swine. It is high time we kept our virtue, and maintained the dignity of womanhood. It is honourable to be a woman. Let’s make it fashionable to be rare and precious. We owe it to ourselves and our daughters, born and yet to be. What are we going to teach them anyway if we don’t live right now?

In closing, i’ll just state this quote which i came across today and it sums it all up:

If you don’t have values you cannot have high value”.

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8 Responses to “MADE TO BE PRECIOUS….”

  1. Abimbola Oki says:

    The world has turned to something else, virtues are no longer held at high esteem, it has suddently become old fashioned, Please sing it aloud, the world needs to hear this.

    “It is honourable to be a woman. Let’s make it fashionable to be rare and precious.”

    God bless you and increase ur wisdom everyday.

  2. ogochukwu says:

    There really is no excuse for casting pearls before swine….

  3. I strongly agree with you that their are women of virtue around. If guys focus their attention of becoming right then getting the right wife will not be rocket science….Keep on walking Ma

  4. Olufunke says:

    True talk!
    I love the quote
    Thank you for this!

  5. Niyioski says:

    I actually find the bit on “they both pray for mercy after every “fornication” experience” very very hilarious. God is not mocked……whatsoever a man sows………a word is enough for the wise.
    Nice one!! Good emphasis on female virtues, males should also learn to conduct their vessel appropriately……which seems a bigger challenge, cos come to think of it, it is guys that convince these girls to do wrong 90% of the time……I stand to be corrected.

  6. JesusFreak says:

    Hmm…Indeed, women are made to be precious..And with your ratio, that is true but ladies are plenty but wives are few so goes for men also, guys are plenty but husbands are few..So what shall we do?

    We should live our lives daily as vessels of honour; as a precious stone and with virtue.


  7. Oyinda Adeniyi says:

    True talk…………but I wonder why the US guy wants smone who read pharmacy and not just smone who can make smthing of herself in life and with clear goals. Pharmacists in d US are hotcakes and well sought after by guys just because they wld be able to bring enough dollars home, not d best way to look 4 a wife in my opinion and this may well be d guy’s problem. Marraige is not just about having one’s needs met…….
    Anyway, well done Tope, another nice post!

  8. Dami Afolabi says:

    Hmmn. word.

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