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Hello Friends, i trust the week has been good for you. Mine was exciting, as my adrenaline level was high as i worked against time to meet deadlines. Pressure is good you know, it wakes up the brain cells! Not so fortunately for me, i have a full weekend ahead of me. It’s all good……

Today, i’ll be introducing a book, a weekly devotional, which was written by a dear friend, Funmi Osinubi-Onamusi. It is the first of its kind i’ve seen. Each week has a practical key lesson aimed at moving you forward in your journey in life, with this devotional, you can learn from the experiences of fellow men and women like you and I who in the midst of common challenges, have chosen to walk God’s path. This lady spent her time and resources to put this together and intends to give the proceeds of the book sale to missions. She’s definitely not about the money, because she has a fantastic job. Life is all about what value we can give.

To ensure you get the best, the book was printed by one of the best in printing in the world. You can get a few copies and give out to loved ones and by so doing, you’re reaching many more with the gospel of Jesus, you can buy it for more than the selling price and preach God’s word from your home or office. I have a few copies with me, if interested, please call 07086958724 or mail me on, or better still, pick a copy at Generis Solutions, 71 Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

By the way, do you know what JEMIMA means? It means “God’s grace day by day”, and what more do we need in these times? Get your copies now!!!

I won’t do badly in advertising, will I? :-; Have a fantastic weekend!}

7 Responses to “JEMIMA”

  1. Abimbola Oki says:

    Thank you, but how do i get a copy? am so far away.

  2. JesusFreak says:

    Wow..I have had a liking for the name for some years now but the meaning that i know is “A Dove”

    Thanks for the meaning “God’s grace day by day”

    I’ll sure get the book soon

    Thanks mam

  3. Emog says:

    We do need his grace daily in these times

  4. Ogochukwu says:


  5. Whats the price? How do i get on the island….cheers

  6. ifeoluwa adeyemi says:

    Nice piece there! Keep it up!!!

  7. Riyike... says:

    Love that name….Jemima!

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