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Two articles ago, i wrote about the choleric women. Today, i’ll be writing about another set of women who exhibit a temperament that can be described as “killing me softly 🙂 . This category of people hardly verbalize their thoughts. They’re so internal, it could get irritating. Someone once broke a relationship with her boyfriend because he was so quiet, and whenever there was an issue to be addressed, he seemed to have nothing to say, she almost went crazy!

These people are Melancholics. Let’s take a look at Characteristics of Melancholics

Melancholics are Introverted people. They are perfectionists. They’re often very kind and considerate, and can be highly creative – as in poetry and art – but also can become overly pre-occupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world, thus becoming depressed.They are very particular about attention to detail, are finicky and could be very hard to please. They have very high standards and their subordinates most times will have to do something many times for it to gain their approval. I heard of a top corporate executive who has a document scanner that scans letters and emails and detects and highlight errors. The Melancholics are naturally critical/judgemental even of themselves because of their standards. They are very easily hurt, and seem to store in mind, every wrong thing done to them. They also are, most times, very risk averse, they have enough reasons why a business venture/project won’t work.

There’s a particular reason why i’m writing about this class of people. People that are too internal and who focus their minds on too much negativity become emotionally weakened and gradually degenerate until it affects their minds (depression) and consequently bodies. When there’s a lot of negative emotions and long standing, deep seated unforgiveness, harmful hormones are released that begin to break down the immune system and one becomes susceptible to a lot of health conditions such as cancer and more. A healthy mind brings about a healthy body. Apart from that, in extreme cases, they could become paranoid due to a past experience. I once met a lady who never shared anything with anyone, who would pick up strands of hair after combing and keep in her bag even where there’s a bin, she lived on the edge, and i wondered how she would really live free….

Melancholics are very deep people. A man with a melancholic wife could get to discover that he’s starved of sex or food because of something he did to his wife, which even he can’t remember anymore and she’s holding seriously against him! To be the best, i’ll advise we focus our passions and thoughts on positive and creative things so we don’t hurt ourselves in the name of being upset with others. In marriage, melancholics have to engage God’s help to forgive quickly and easily. They also need to express their belief more in their spouses and stop focusing on why things won’t work. Marriage is a life long union, and our temperaments must not be the reason why our homes should crumble. We need to address it as urgent.

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5 Responses to “KILLING ME SOFTLY”

  1. Emog says:

    Interesting ……… thanks for the insight

  2. Abimbola Oki says:

    I havent read this, but just want to say, i saw ur hubby on tv, am in the UK at the moment.
    Although i havent seen him before, but his pix on facebook, all thanks to

  3. JesusFreak says:

    Good post again!!!

    You have just described some few things about me above. I will go ahead and capitalize on my strengths and try to make my weakness useful. He makes His strength perfect in our weakness..

    Thanks for this

    “To be the best, i’ll advise we focus our passions and thoughts on positive and creative things so we don’t hurt ourselves in the name of being upset with others”

    You are valued

  4. Mummy Ire,

    You have vividly captured the traits of my fiance.

    Its funny that source of strength can also be the source of weakness

    Every account comprise of assets and liabilities. The important thing is for the assets to be greater than the liabilities so we will record a profit.

  5. Ogochukwu says:

    Great read…ok i’ll say there are a few things about me written here but i’m not going to say which ones. Sometimes i think the temperament thing gives some people the excuse to be negative or just comfortably exhibit their weakness to people around them and they say “thats just part of my temperament, you see, im melancholic thats all”. Thanks for sharing….ehm, yes aunty now to the story….

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