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Human beings are diverse in their personalities. Several researches have been carried out at different times to give definition to the different personality types that exist. One of them is the division into temperaments, which in itself, is quite broad.

I don’t want to go technical or too bookish in this post. I’ll be bringing some things to the notice of the guys about a particular class of women, and my intention is not to bring anybody down. I’ll just like us to know the strengths and weaknesses of this class and women so that we can be prepared and more informed to make decisions. I’m particularly interested in this class of women because their impact can be really phenomenal every where they are.

I am talking about Choleric Women. Let’s do a quick search into who Cholerics are:

The choleric personality type is a very strong individual. These people are your born leaders. They are characterized by being hard workers, very productive and independent. Along with this comes a tendency to be strong-willed. A choleric can easily organize and run just about anything to which he sets his mind. He is constantly busy making good decisions and acting on them.

Along with these good qualities, however, come some weaknesses. The choleric tends to be very short-tempered. These people are easily angered and often have explosions of temper. The natural leadership skills of this personality many times go beyond what others would like. Cholerics are often bossy and domineering. They want things done their way immediately and are not shy about saying so. Such people thrive on controversy and enjoy arguments.

The choleric individual is normally a good worker. He makes a good leader and will likely finish what he starts. This person is not easily intimidated, though he often intimidates others. He thrives on control, wants things his way and needs lots of achievement and appreciation. If you run into a workaholic or someone who loves to tell you what to do and when, you have just met the average choleric.

Now, what do you think? Very strong individual right? Have you noticed that most outstanding women in the world are cholerics? They run organizations successfully and are very productive. They make success look so cheap, they get a lot done and are so independent. They’ve also got strong weaknesses as well. I’ve met a number of men who got married to choleric wives who literally ran them down because the men had much weaker personalities and couldn’t manage their wives. I’ve also met a few guys who in the course of a few months of guy/girl relationship had to bolt out cos the ladies were “running” the relationship. It’s much tougher for choleric women to be submissive but it becomes easier when one engages God’s help. Everyone who will succeed at anything must have a measure of choleric temperament. It is essential. But my focus today is the purely or majorly choleric woman. A very high percentage of purely choleric women don’t have very good marriages because they’re naturally bossy and domineering, i’m sure you have a few examples springing up in your heads, shei?

I’ve noticed that many quiet guys like to go for females with drive. But i’ll say you shouldn’t go scope a lady you can’t manage/handle. Try and picture that lady when she becomes very successful in a couple of years; will she still listen to you?

I however know of choleric women who have driven their husbands to succeed. Cholerics are not bad, they just need to focus on their strengths and make it overshadow their weaknesses. I was watching an episode of Moments with Mo on friday where a married man said what turns an African man on is submission. Even Mo had a little bit of a problem with that because she is choleric….lol

So guys, understand what you want to go into before you make the final commitment. The reason why i decided to write on this is because the choleric woman and the ego in a man will always clash if not properly managed/channeled. I hope this helps someone.

Have a great afternoon!

12 Responses to “NEED TO KNOW”

  1. JesusFreak says:

    Nice post..Thanks for the update…

    “So guys, understand what you want to go into before you make the final commitment. The reason why i decided to write on this is because the choleric woman and the ego in a man will always clash if not properly managed/channeled. I hope this helps someone.”

    A point of understanding should be reached between the woman’s choleric and man’s ego

  2. abyurla says:

    hmmmmmn, now this resonates….

  3. Olufunke says:

    Nice post
    Really, everyone going into a relationship must really seek to understand the other person’s temperament, and I agree with you, a lot of choleric women are being mis-understood, and they too also need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Hmmm… I think this is good content. I have a little advice though, I think you should get more inviting with your titles. Need to know is good, but imagine you titled this post – She who must be obeyed… or Are all Successful women Bossy? or “Woman on Top” – you know generally something that makes you want to find out… whew.. what’s that?


    this your comment is very choleric oh 🙂

  5. Tope says:

    @ All, Thanks…

    @ Dee, point noted!

  6. kikky says:

    its my first time on this site and i must say this is a very enlightening and interesting write-up. interesting… for me maybe ‘cos am a choleric woman, just like you noted the key point is in learning to manage your weaknesses through the help of the Holy-Spirit. maybe i should ask……Are you one too?

  7. Tope says:

    Kike, thanks for dropping by…..and no, i’m not choleric, thankfully! 🙂 , don’t mind me o!

  8. i once had a choleric boss and i must say it was hell working for her.
    its important that pple with this personality type learn how to be more in touch with their emotional and humane side. they focus so much on getting the job done that they dont mind who and what they trample on to get their desired results.
    but like every other personality types , walking with the Holy Spirit is key to dealing with their weaknesses and putting their strengths to a purposeful use.

  9. Tunde Joeph says:

    In fact i like her because she is choleric, sometimes you just need a little pressure from her to get big things done. Hope u get my line of thought.

  10. ifeoluwa adeyemi says:

    Hmm, choleric tends to be success oriented that they forget their wifely and motherly roles.God help us all.

  11. persian says:

    im choleric and not all choleric women lack the motherly nurturing side. i surely dont i am also very submissive in my relationships. submission equals trust and trust has to be earned and proven not just demanded. if more women possessed traits of choleric women , they would avoid many bad relationships, false friendships with other ladies, and be taken advantage of a lot less. the key is balance. all personality types need to seek balance not just cholerics.

  12. tolu bello says:

    Lolll!!! Yes truly choleric but correct

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