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The mind is a battleground. Several thoughts fight to become the predominant thought within a man’s mind. Every major milestone in a person’s life is the result of a battle that already took place in the mind. Every achievement, success, failure, defeat is a result of a battle in the mind.

The interesting thing is that it’s in the same mind, before a person acts, that the battle is already won or lost. Lemme give an example. It’s practically almost impossible for a person who believes that once he starts a business venture, he’ll fail in it, not to fail. The deep rooted, predominant thought, eventually becomes the person’s reality. Also, a person that has failed in an exam several times will find it difficult not to expect to fail the next one except he does something about the most dominant thought that seems to be occupying his mind. Such a person has the tendency to think of himself as “not good enough”.

I once went to school with a fellow many years ago who, probably by reason of his past experiences, had developed a low self esteem. He saw others as better than him, and so began to react harshly towards people. He became abusive, verbally and physically. He began a journey of trying to prove to himself that he had some worth. He had strings of relationships at amazing intervals and broke them up by himself because he felt threatened. He was far from being in touch with himself. He needed healing in his mind. He didn’t need others to complete him, he needed to be first of all complete and whole himself. Which reminds me of a short but powerful saying:

“Hurting people hurt others”

We need to identify our strongest, most dominant thoughts and check if it is healthy and takes us in the direction of a great future. What is your relationship with others like? Is it rich? Is it enriching? It’s a function of the state of the mind. A person who feels others are responsible for his failure is not likely to make progress. Let’s deal with our negative, controlling thought.

Have you noticed that it always seems as if successful people are never discouraged and that they keep going on and on? It’s not that. It’s just that they have decided to become deaf! They have tuned their minds to having no other choice than to succeed.

We have had several experiences in the past, some of which justify us to think we don’t deserve more than we currently have. That’s a lie of the devil. We need to change that thinking, change our minds, and by so doing, change our lives. Who says you don’t deserve to retire young and rich? Who says you can’t go on a vacation in any country of your choice, stay in tasteful hotels and resorts and enjoy the best of life? It’s not for some select few o, God says He gives us all things freely to enjoy. We need to know that we deserve it, then begin to work towards it.

Let me wrap up with this:

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it proceeds the issues that govern life”

In a world that is filled with more negative than positive, we need to consciously flood our minds with thoughts that energize our minds, and close the gate against ones that discourage and weaken our resolve to be successful. Have an exceptional week!

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3 Responses to “CLOSE THE GATE!”

  1. Great piece….great timing….as a man thinketh in his hearth so is he. God help me….play my role.

  2. JesusFreak says:

    The world is indeed going negative, this is the truth. The portion you take out of this world is dependent on what goes on in your mind. The mind is the control tower of our existence. In the midst of negativity, we should think positivity.

    Shut the gate to lies from the pit of hell.

    Lie + Lie – Lie * Lie raise to power Lie / Lie – Lie = Lie

    Don’t fix on your mind on lies, fix your mind on whatsoever thing that are true, pure, lovely….

  3. Ireti Ishola says:

    This is the word for the season. The importance of “closing our gates” to negative thoughts ,especially self limiting thoughts,cannot be overemphasized.We must change our thinking so that we can change our lives. I have discovered in my little sojourn on earth that most of the time what holds us down from achieving our dreams and goals many atimes is our thoughts. No wonder the psalmists said, “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.We must change our thinking so that we can change our lives!

    Tope, well done!!!

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