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From the land of the Pharaohs…..

From the land of the Pharaohs…..


For the past few days, i have been in Egypt with my hubby and a few other friends and it’s been an exciting experience. As i write this, we’re on a cruise on the nile, and i look out of the window to behold the scenery of a massive body of water that serves 9 countries! I’ve been to many places and learnt so much about this country.

Two days ago, as we drove round the capital of Egypt, Cairo, i tried to compare it with a city or state in Nigeria and i couldn’t accurately compare. Egypt became independent in 1952 and the current President has been in Power since 1981 (28years)! and the country has degenerated over the years. I was disappointed at the poverty level and the breakdown of infrastructure, no standard roads, etc. The impact of bad leadership is powerful. Egypt also is a land so blessed, but its people so poor. When I listened to our tour guide describe Egypt, and the resources he knows that Egypt has, my mind wanders freely back to my country. Wherever I go, one this is on my mind – what as a Nation can we learn from these other countries to better the lot of our nation Nigeria? Egypt, the Land of the Pharaohs, the land where life after death means more than life on earth, the land of many temples and rich history!

Nigeria needs to rely on many other things that we have, and not on oil alone. Egypt generates revenue from agriculture and hydroelectricity as a result of the river nile, they have oil, they have gold and other natural resources (granite and many precious stones). A friend whose husband works in one of the oil companies in the Niger Delta was lamenting to me last weekend about how risky it is to go on rig these days. The militants engage direct means to want to take the lives of those workers and she wants her husband to resign, but it’s tough because their livelihood depends on it. So many lives have been lost because of too much focus on oil. She prays hard anytime the husband is away and heaves a big sigh once he’s back. She’s getting really tired.

I look forward to reorientation of many more Nigerians so we can have the kind of leaders we deserve. These leaders leave the shores of the country many times, see how the developed world is, and never come to make a change.

In the words of Dangote, we need about ten more governors who can duplicate what Fashola is doing, then others will begin to emulate them. We need leaders who are visionary and empathic.

I’m getting refreshed and look forward to writing more value adding articles from now on. Have a good evening!
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10 Responses to “From the land of the Pharaohs…..”

  1. Niyioski says:

    Have u seen the current pharaoh yet? Pull his ear for me if you can……just don’t throw your shoe at him………lol!!
    Nice one. We happen to be Nigerians for a reason……for a time like this when we can think along the right lines and bring change in every way we can. Being a Nigerian is a heavy God-given responsibility in my opinion. Thanks again and enjoy your trip!!

  2. Emog says:

    true talk……hope you are enjoying Egypt

  3. Abyurla says:

    Well done o, me sef dey come. just leave a trail that i can follow or send me the must-see places to help me out

  4. JesusFreak says:

    Naija go better…I know and believe..

  5. Olufunke says:

    Bet you are really having fun.
    May God give us good leaders
    Our regards to Pharoah

  6. i be like say the current president na king…..or must be related to robert mugabe of zimbabwe……hope area boys no dey harrass people for their road ooo. Enjoy your much deserved rest.

  7. Before I got to the end of your post I was just thinking, we need more Fashola’s and seeing that you mentioned it reinforces the fact that he’s got foresight, a visionary and a good leader. A friend I was speaking to just this morning said the same thing! Now thats really rare in Nigeria. If one good leader can generate so much goodwill, how blessed we will be in Nigeria if we have more like people him. Dear Lord please raise us more Fasholas oo…AMEN!!

  8. Abimbola Oki says:

    True talk, Nigeria needs good leaders with good virtues, it starts from Parents anyway, what virtues are we passing to our children. Are they to pay more attention to material things and becomes greedy in the process. Parents have work to do.

  9. Bukola says:

    Another key thing from Egypt, preservation and maintenance culture. We need to begin to see those things in the community as ours not just for others or the government…then we’ll preserve and maintain.

  10. Ifects says:

    We’ll get there! God will help us.

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