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Oro Agba bi o se l’owuro, a se l’ale.”

Africa is rich. It’s a land with a lot of lessons tied within its culture. Our proverbs, idioms and various wise sayings address several core values and principles which make for quality living. In this part of the world, an elderly or experienced person in a particular field doesn’t need to make a lot of noise or get verbose, trying to prove to others that he’s on top of his game. Such a person, when in the presence of other younger, exuberant people, mostly keeps quiet and studies what’s going on, and maybe chips in a line or two when consulted.

I know an older person, who i will call a mentor, who, everytime i share a challenge or a burning idea with, especially when it’s done with serious passion, first responds with a smile. I must confess that that smile can be annoying at times, especially when what you’re talking about has eaten into the fabrics of your being and you’re on fire. Such response can make you feel you’re not being taken seriously or you’re quite ignorant/not wise enough. But, he’s been very helpful in bringing to real, practice terms the various lofty ideas i and my husband have had over the years. he’s been a fantastic springboard we’ve bounced ideas on.

Ironically, i was talking with a younger lady this morning who wanted to venture into certain things because her uncle had promised her, setting up a business for her, getting her a job, this and that and she was so excited about what laid ahead of her. I smiled and she asked me why. I told her she would not understand, and she felt i just didn’t want to tell her my thoughts. I later asked her what her plan B was if things didn’t turn out like she was promised. She made it clear to me that they had been talking about it for a while and he already told her to send her credentials. Experience, they say, is the best teacher; but it’s better if it’s other peoples’ experiences we choose to learn from, especially older, successful and impactful people. They’ve been there, done that. They understand.

As we grow, let’s get wiser. Let’s listen more and talk less. Our talk must not be cheap, but impactful. Let’s learn from those who have gone ahead of us. We need to be able to respond to any issue that is poised to stress us with a smile that says, “this issue, i know your type, like all other issues before you, you will come to pass. When we have experiences that stretch us, our ages almost literally double because of the wealth of experience gathered.

Here are some adages or wise sayings i believe we will find really useful in the course of our daily living. Here goes:

Increase virtue in your speech; decrease ill will in speaking. These great merits will nurture blessings.

A smile and a kind word are great giving that sow favorable conditions.

If wisdom is your measure, you will refrain from idle chatter.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.

Today’s teenagers and young adults are in a very challenging period, there’s so much pressure to mess up; it’s a far more challenging time than our days. We need to help them retain the core values and principles that are right in the midst of so much degeneration. Let’s make them know that we understand their challenges and help them come out of it.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

5 Responses to “ORO AGBA….”

  1. JesusFreak says:

    Oro Agba..It is very important oo

    Agba kin wa loja ki ori omo titun wo…

  2. Abimbola Oki says:

    Talking about todays youth… i noticed in the area of dressing part of the breast is left open, only the nipple is covered. Is this the fashion? It pains so much so see this mess and correction is difficult. Appearance is key, we need to cover ourselves properly ladies. God bless you all

  3. olufunke says:

    You are right!
    There is no mistake in the multitude of counselors.!

  4. I have instructions or wisdom from elders in the past which i turned down. Guess who got his fingers burn? Me. Now i learn to listen, and take precautions. i heed the wisdom of the wise. True experience is the best teacher…but it does not have to be my personal experince…Mumy-Ire… self don join elders forum……word

  5. Justdoyin says:

    in the multitude of counselors, especially older and wiser ones, there’s definitely no making of errors…

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