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You’re “attractive”…..

You’re “attractive”…..


I’ve been focusing so much on marriage these past few posts that i have left out the singles, but i guess you also had a lot to learn from the posts as well. So, today is singles’ day 🙂

It is very obvious we’re in a world where there is so much pressure, and being a teenager these days as against being a teenager in my own days (which is not a long time ago) are entirely different worlds. Schools have even added to issues by sparing the rod; these days, any child who is disciplined too much in school will have her parent visit the school asap to sort out the issue with the teacher. Things like these have affected the quality of teenagers we have today. I just could not resist the urge of stating that by the way. It just shows that there’s a general breakdown of values and issues have to be approached with urgency.

Apart from the regular hormone gymnastics that characterize teenage years and young adulthood, the media reinforces all kinds of atrocities that it’s fast becoming fashionable but i’ll like to address a
fundamental issue pertaining to the ladies 🙂

I have spoken with a number of people and read about people too. There are some ladies who complain that they have been in wrong relationships all their lives. Some others say, it just seems that every guy they
meet wants to have their way with them and move on. If as a lady, this is a normal, regular occurence, you need to look within and ask yourself some very important questions, “Who am i attracting? What types of people am i attracting? What messages am i sending out? What is my body language communicating? What is my cleavage-showing top communicating? What do i want? If you have gotten to a point in which you’re convinced that all men are smooth talkers, liars and cheats, then you need to check yourself, check what you’re feeding your mind with and the kind of people who have the greatest influence on your mindset and lifestyle. Check what the society has sold to you and you have bought. Then you need to begin to drop them and take on the truth.

Some years ago, i attended a cousin’s wedding outside town so we lodged in someones house. We ladies were in a large room. So, in the evening, some of the ladies were gisting about their many “exploits” and i laid on my bed and watched. A particular lady who seemed so full of herself narrated an experience she had. She had discovered much earlier that there was a guy who liked her. Then, a while after then, they had a
mutual friend who was getting married. So, they attended. Shortly after they had settled in was the bachelors’ eve. Knowing that the guy was around, she said she dressed to kill; she made the neckline of her
dress so low that more than the cleavage was out, and she ensured that the guy saw her, then she began to taunt him, she flirted around with other guys, danced with other guys and ended the gist by saying the guy was almost drooling as she really showed him! My question is, what was her goal? Was it not just ok to have said no if the guy had asked her out? How will you be friends with a person like that and expect things
to magically be perfect?

Everyone is “attractive” – what we attract is what differentiates us. Our association is an indication of who we’re attracting. For me, i have this to say, there are men who value and have chosen to live by God’s instructions above what seems prevalent in the society. They’re committed to a life of that is ruled by God’s standards. Same with women too.

So ladies, don’t send the wrong signals and wonder why guys seem to be after you. Guys are mainly moved by sight. Don’t take a chance, don’t just wear what you feel like, your life’s more than how you feel per
time, remember you’re always sending messages and attracting people. It’s about your life, your future.

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2 Responses to “You’re “attractive”…..”

  1. “Guys are mainly moved by sight”.
    True however men who are commited to God are moved moved by vision and will not allow mundane and temporary sight TO deny them of greater things ahead.

    “Everyone is “attractive” – what we attract is what differentiates us”
    This means we can develop some inner values that will of certanty attract some speciic type of individuals into our lifes. Attraction is an art and science.

  2. Ireti says:

    true talk!
    Guys r mainly moved by sight (and not really by faith)
    “What we attract is what defines and differentiates us”

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