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Two months ago, i lost an uncle; my Dad’s elder brother who was buried last week. He was a man of numerous achievements and status especially in the academia. Top people attended the funeral and for the first time in my life, i saw elderly men breaking down in tears.



2 days ago, i was privileged to speak at the popular New Estate Baptist Church; it was their Parents/Teens forum. Prior to then, the week before, two women, much older than I am, who were representatives of the church came to meet me in the office on the recommendation of a mentor, to invite me to speak in their church. They waited at the reception for me for a little while i went to meet with them a short while after which i went to meet with them. When i greeted them, they responded and appeared to want to hear that i was the PA to “Tope Akinyemi”. When i told them i was the one, they expressed serious surprise. They said they never expected someone that young.



Hello people, how has the week been? Mine has been a week of major learnings for me; it’s been exciting as well. This is going to be a short post and it focuses on a simple lesson that i learnt from an incident.


This week has been “Sui Generis” (In a class of its own); i had to ensure that i post something, even if not originally written by me. Next week, i’ll be writing on a topic i’ve been learning a lot about recently. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 2 jokes so we can relax for the weekend (even though this weekend for me is packed). Let’s take a look: