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Hello people, how has the week been? Mine has been a week of major learnings for me; it’s been exciting as well. This is going to be a short post and it focuses on a simple lesson that i learnt from an incident.

Last week, my husband went with a few friends for another friend’s birthday; it was her thirty somethingth birthday. The usual eating, networking and all went on and on, and a while after, just before the party came to an end, she stood up to give a vote of thanks.

Characteristically, she thanked everybody for coming, thanked God, her family and so on. While she rounded up, she appreciated and acknowledged her dad who is late, she had that dreamy look as she spoke about the things he taught her, the games they played together, the songs he taught her, the little things he did for her that still remained fresh in her heart for well over twenty years; as she spoke, she began to shed tears; it was very touching. As i heard her story, my mind did a quick rewind as i remembered times with my father – the songs he taught us in different languages, the games we played, the driving lessons, they bring very fond memories; even i have taught my daughter 2 of the songs already. Fortunately for me, he’s still alive (and will be for many more years by God’s grace) and i need to appreciate his being there for us; i’ll do that at the earliest opportunity, maybe i should write it and send. He’s got a true father’s heart.

This is to parents; the most basic thing you do for your parents is not their school fees or clothes or shelter; those are basic needs and there’s no need to rub it in. The things that make them are acts that are driven by love and quality time spent together.

Lasting healthy memories, that’s what love can do; that’s what reaching out to the people that really matter to us can do. It leaves memories that can last a lifetime. When was the last time you verbally appreciated your parent, your spouse, your sibling, your friend or family while they were still alive? Do that today!

I’ll be back with a series of write ups shortly. Till then, don’t procrastinate, what you have to do, do it now!} else {

8 Responses to “SAY IT NOW….”

  1. deola says:

    Was supposed to be @ that meeting. it is intresting to discover that when we never know their value until we miss them. at times we even appreciate others outside our homes for little acts of kindness while we take those in our homes for granted.

    i’ll start mine by calling to appreciate them!

  2. Niyioski says:

    Being a parent is a wonderful privilege and opportunity. While many easily take it for granted, many out there desire it with all their heart and with great plans, promises and aspirations if only they could have this privilege. Raising a child is the surest way to replace yourself on this earth. Great post Tope.

  3. Justdoyin says:

    hmmm…good food for thought…

  4. JesusFreak says:

    I like your flows mam

  5. Its of some of us to think when i am richer, i will do something special for my parents. i think with whatever resources at our disposal right now, we should go ahead and celebrate them. it not just about money..frequent visit to them may just suffice..what about calling daily? thanks to my parents. i am proud of you

  6. Abimbola Oki says:

    Somehow i remember things a lot, i dont forget easily. I rem you saying Daddy wanted you girls to dress well every day.., look presentable because you dnt know who you meet’ Your example was it could be the day you meet your hubby, you spoke a lot about dad sayings in Idia Hall and i couldnt but overhear and Remember this.

  7. adeosun niyi says:

    hey, i have been really blessed by the word. pls how can i get in contact with this Abimbola Oki.

  8. Abimbola Oki says:

    Hey , Niyi…she is on fb…Abimbola Dixon Oki..We cld connect. Have we met before?

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