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Hello friends, i had to tell myself that this post has to come up today unfailingly. It’s been a battle of both my mind and time. Thank God, i made it! It’s no news that the global financial/economic crises is one of the most popular phrases used in these times. It’s also one the most convenient reasons people give when their business are not working well. I was listening to an audio speech yesterday by Noel Woodroffe where he outlined the fact that the crises started long ago, and that it ate gradually into the fabrics of the economy, until it resulted into a breakdown. He analyzed it all and linked the breakdown of systems to a fundamental breakdown in human values (greed). Human beings run systems and can make or mar them.

These days, there is so much focus on acquiring material things, having the comfort of life, and because of that, pressure is so high that it makes people think less of the implication of compromising on their values. It makes so much sense to dress, and “have” the things that make you look the part of a “big boy”.

What are the possible effects of these things on a marriage? Men are naturally egocentric and some men will not want their wives to know in many cases, for example, that they’re under financial pressure. Most pressure that one is in financially per time is self induced. It makes absolutely no sense to try and make a statement by the things you acquire. One of the major sources of marital pressures is finance, and this topic is huge.

How does one minimize financial pressures in marriage? I’ll mention the good old saying, “Get out- (or stay out) of debt”. There are lots of issues that come with financial pressure. “Owe no man anything except love” and “the borrower is the slave to the lender” are not just good ideas. There are some good times to owe (for business purposes) but definitely not for consumables. I see people who use certain phones or cars which they clearly can’t afford, why such pressure? I see guys who spend precious time going after big deals when even clearly, small deals are stretching for them….is this still ego or something else? When a man’s goals are too overwhelming for him, someone (most times, the wife) will bear the brunt of the pressure. It makes sense to build wealth gradually, so that if a downturn comes, one can build again.

When there is such pressure, some financial choices need to be made, and the bottomline needs to be, to ensure that one’s expenses fall below income; this is a vital lessons that young married people need to learn and remind themselves of constantly. Love can be expressed much easily when financial pressure is low, and ladies, we need to be sensitive and know when our men are under pressure, and strive not also be a source of it.

9 Responses to “FINANCE IN ROMANCE”

  1. JesusFreak says:

    Well said. Debt is a disease. It eats into the core of everything we have.

    This is another level of education in the course called financial intelligence.

  2. This topic is relevant to all irrespective of marital status. If someone is in a hole, the first thing is to stop digging. I wonder why it is difficult for some of us to apply this in our personnal life. Radical times require Radical measures. We need to make some personal adjustment. For example, i realised i could cut cost by not taking my car to work and guess how much i have been able to save from this exercise alone. The bottom line is we dont have to impress anybody.

    I wish we will get one article from you per week.

  3. anuoluwapo says:

    well spoken mam,

    another reason to think twice before tieing the konts!

  4. Tope says:

    @Thanks all.

    @Tallest, i’ll work on that.

  5. Ireti says:

    True point ma’am,
    if any is in such position, i’d advice d partners to manage d situation well. Nothing is too bad that can’t be remedied.
    One can be down and not Out!

  6. Tosin says:

    A good write up, i say! Men re always d culprit n wuld always be, from a good perspective, both genders luv good tins, drive exotic cars,adore gems, luv 2 live in a wel furnished house, run after good n overpriced biz deals, name it! D human factor 2 d economic meltdown as rightly said is d contributing word ‘DEBT’ Both young n old, male n female re constant variables 2 dis epidemic compromising their sense of value, d little ones wil love every bit of their childhood, d old wont want 2 be left behind, d ladies wuld always want 2 hop n b on top, I like d part ‘d big boy’ a real sense of humor. In marriage women re mearnt 2 b d understanding one, cos of men ego. we tend 2 make dat which is wrong luks rite but d woman submission out of reference culd set tins rite. We nid each other in dis economic crises n even thereafter so as to balance our finances n enjoy a gud romance. Reading dis article, i tot 2 sumarize wuld b ‘ be satisfied with wat u ve’. It’s a great vision u ve keep it up

  7. Oby says:

    I stumbled upon your website (literally speaking) and reading this has made me realize that contrary to what I had started to believe, there are still people in my generation who believe that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses! Take heed and beware of covetousness is one of the take heeds uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ and it is sad when I see the guarded stance we readily when we come face to face with a ‘beware of the dog’ sign even without confirmation that there is actually a dog behind the sign. If only we could see covetousness in the same light! Paul also reminds us in his epistles that covetousness is idolatry! Yes belongs to the same class as fornication and adultery- driven by fleshly lusts. I’m not sure I am allowed to preach here. Hope nobody is offended. I just had to flow with the write up!

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  9. Gabriel says:

    This is a well ducmented article. Keep bringing more of this weekly.

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