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I have tried several times to start and finish this article; hopefully, i will do this time. I’ll be sharing some of the thoughts in my mind about women today.
When I hear people, especially men say that women are too complex and very hard to satisfy, i tend to disagree and give an explanation for what i term a “misconception” on their part. But when we take a good look at it, it’s women that are petty and make mountains out of molehills, it’s women that find faults that are almost non existent, it’s women that
keep grudges and wait to get back at you when you least expect; hmmm…it’s women that are usually indecisive about exactly what they want-people may say it’s because they’re emotional and are easily swayed; it’s women that refuse to own up to telling themselves and each other the truth, it’s women that have attitudes and tend to treat fellow women who are not as advantaged as them like lesser beings, the list goes on.

This morning i was talking with a guy who had been in a relationship for a few years and they had their wedding very much in view; infact, both families had met and the formal introduction had taken place. The lady just came one day and said she was no longer interested in the relationship. The guy was shocked and asked her why; she said she
didn’t feel they were compatible, this was after 4yrs! Will we say then that she had not always wanted to break up the relationship as soon as she started because her heart was not in it? Why then did she have to wait for 4yrs?

So much for women! Certainly, women have their peculiarities, but society has aggravated some of the “not so nice” attributes, creating the mindset about expectations of women, so these expectations have created a mould that many just fit into.

So, back to the lady/relationship in focus. This lady probably had a picture of her ideal man in her mind, either it exists for real or in fantasy (lol) and she was probably so consumed with this picture that the guy fell constantly below the standards; she stomached and managed it for 4yrs until she decided she couldnt take it anymore; how very enduring! Ladies, le’s know what we want and be prepared either to wait till we have it (if it’s realistic) or forget about its existence
(if it’s unrealistic). It’s important we make decisions that will make us happy, and make these decisions as early as possible so we can get the best of them.

Before I wrap up this article, i’ll like us to take a quick look at the second paragraph of this article again. If you are a woman, and you have any of the “peculiarities” listed there, decide to be a uniquely different woman, work on yourself, be a role model to younger women, let them know that they don’t have to fit into a mould, they just need to be the best “them”!

I primarily don’t see myself as a woman, but as an individual, working to make “me” the best i can be; cutting off the “not so nice” things so i can be more effective in my roles – as business and career woman, sister, mentor, wife, mother, and more…that helps us to be harder on ourselves so we can change for the better.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

3 Responses to “WOMAN PALAVER”

  1. Gbonjubola Sanni says:

    Will continue to work on myself to be the best i can be!

  2. I had the same experince too. Mine was just not as long (2 years).

    I am tring to read as many literatures has possible about women.

    I have aslo noted that while men could have a general manual, each woman needs a specific manual. I will keep tring sha.

    E ku ojo meta……..

  3. RAJE PHILIP says:

    Nice mama TEE, pls continue to educate our woman.
    i must confess, women are wonderful.
    God bless our women in JESUS NAME.


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