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i've learnt

2009 has been an amazingly peculiar year. Filled with hopes (both dashed and realized ones), challenges, fun, lots of intrigues as well as loads of learnings. I’ve learnt more this year about business than i have in my past 4yrs in the world of business. I’ve had ups, downs, highs and lows; but in all, am grateful to God.

How to Join Holidays and Cash

Hello all and compliments of the season to you. Here’s detailed information on an opportunity i share with people on a daily basis. It gives a stepwise way of going about how to become a part of holidays and cash. Here goes:

Are they feeling you?

virtue is valuable

It is taking so much for me to start writing this article again because shortly after i finished writing the full article, i lost it because my system went off just before i saved. I trust that i’ll be able to write much more from my heart than i did in the last article now….