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Are they feeling you?

Are they feeling you?

virtue is valuable

It is taking so much for me to start writing this article again because shortly after i finished writing the full article, i lost it because my system went off just before i saved. I trust that i’ll be able to write much more from my heart than i did in the last article now….

For sometime now, it has seemed as if everybody wants me to be a part of all that they want to have done…from immediate to extended family, to colleagues, to business associates, protegees and even acquitances, it seems everyone wants to know what i think, want me to give them some of my time, and so on. It got to a point that it became really overwhelming. It got so much that i started to complain; but quickly enough, i caught myself as i remembered a statement my mother used to make a while ago. She said the reason why it seems like you’re not getting enough rest and everyone is on your neck is because you’re relevant and you should be grateful for that. If you’re a nonentity, you’ll be sooo much on your own that the thought of suicide will be a regular feature on your mind.

How relevant are you? How useful are you? Do your opinions make a difference to your husband and in your family? How instrumental/relevant are you at work? Are you merely there occupying space and collecting salary at the end of the month? Is your company progressing because you’re there? Are your children better because you’re their parent? Are they improving visibly or you’re merely paying their bills? Do you matter to them, do they miss you, do you occupy an indispensable space in their hearts? Are you giving consciously to their future?

Being truly relevant comes with a price. It requires sacrifice, investment of a lot of time and effort. An example is ladies that marry men who are football freaks; the investment they’ll need to make takes time and effort to develop the interest and knowledge. I once met a lady who does not like to read at all and her husband has a room full of books and reads a lot, she just believes that’s where she and her husband do not agree; whether she likes it or not, that single issue will create a limit to how rich their relationship will be.

If you’re busy solving problems and adding value, then it points to the fact that you’re relevant. If your younger sisters want your advice on relationship decisions, then you’re doing something right; if your parents need your input on a decision they want to make, you’re relevant. If to young and old, you can give an input that will matter, the feeling is such that cannot be bought with money.

This is a good time to review how and to who have we been relevant this year. Make that decision, back it up with action, and you’ll be truly sought after because you carry value which makes a difference to many around you.

Happy new month!}

6 Responses to “Are they feeling you?”

  1. Gbenga kotila says:

    This is good. Keep it up!

  2. This is awesome! So rather than compalain that people are bothering us with phone calls for one input or the other we should be greatful to God we are still relevant……Thank you for maintaining your relevance.

  3. JesusFreak says:

    This is the question of the year.

    Thanks mam for asking.

    They are really feeling me in my own little way

  4. anuoluwapo says:

    relevance and responsibility comes with a price, true! however, its excesses should be checked before one loses it!!!!

    looking for e.g??? come ask moi!!!


  5. RAJE PHILIP says:


  6. Taye Olubode says:

    Haaaaaaaa! they do, they must, they feel, Because am a cool & Humble guy also say the true, what i will do and what i will not. Even people tell me to be putting on native short buba with my structure.
    So Sister fear of LORD is the beginning of wisdom. koko nipe kasati beru OLORUN.

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