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How to Join Holidays and Cash

How to Join Holidays and Cash

Hello all and compliments of the season to you. Here’s detailed information on an opportunity i share with people on a daily basis. It gives a stepwise way of going about how to become a part of holidays and cash. Here goes:


I’ve been getting this question quite a lot these days, and I’m ashamed I have to type a fresh mail everytime because there is no document that simply addresses this question. Not anymore, In the next few lines, I’ll explain, how to be a part of the Global Holidays and Cash Family. The questions on why you should be a member are also already answered in the following already written posts.







If you read the above, perhaps it will answer a few of your questions on why you need to be involved with Holidays and Cash, they are not very direct though, so maybe after I have done this, I’ll still do a direct – why you should be involved with Holidays and Cash. For now though, here is how.

Step 1. Pay for your privilege pack prepaid voucher.

Go to any of the Holidays and Cash Banks and Pay a sum of $250 or N40,000 to purhcase a privilege pack. Once you have made payment, keep your teller number and go to to fill in your details. You can pay for as many prepaid vouchers you want, but you only need one for yourself. Once you have filled the form on the  page of buy prepaid vouchers, you will get a prepaid voucher in your email within 30mins provided the deposit reflects in the account. This step is only required if you don’t have a credit card, if you do have a credit card, you do not need step 1.


Bank Details are available on

Step 2. Buy your privilege pack

Buying your privilege pack gives you the right to be an international distributor with Holidays and Cash. The privilege pack is a pack of privileges – Discount Travel, Educational Materials, Wholesale prices on consumer goods e.t.c. To buy the privilege pack, simply access the Holidays and Cash site via the username of your sponsor. This is Once this link displays click “Buy Now”. The “buy now” instruction will take you to a registeration page which you are required to complete with all your required information.  Once you complete this form, click submit, you recieve an sms code of your password, it then takes you to where you have an option of paying for your privilege pack. You can pay with credit card, Alertpay, EGP (earnings from H&C) or a prepaid voucher. If you followed the first process (if you are in Nigeria) you can then simply pay with your prepaid voucher.


Step 3: Pay for an already registered member

If for any reason you had done step 2 before step 1, you would need to stop the step 2 process and obtain a prepaid voucher. If you had to do this, you will go back to the site of your sponsor, and click “buy now” again. You will follow the links to pay for the prepaid voucher, but this time around you will select  ”Already Registered Member”, when you select this, it gives you a page with two feilds – username and phone number. Once you fill these 2 with accurate details, it will take you directly to the payment page, where you can now use your prepaid voucher.



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  1. oge okonkwo says:

    i registered someone this afternoon but after submitting the form with the teller no,i discovered that the phone number i put for the consumer was missing a number…….i decided to start all over again using the correct no……….i got to the last field that required just the mobile no and the email and was told it didnt match. i dont know what to do? HELP

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