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This title has been on my mind for almost 2 full weeks now; funny enough, certain events came up that made my deciding to write and post the article not the best thing to do. But then, i decided to take a look at the things i had been reminded about gratitude and i told myself it was the more reason why i needed to write about it.

Unlike the conventional meaning of gratitude, i’ll like to share a richer, deeper meaning with us. Gratitude involves the whole process of mental adjustment, of tuning the mind such that the mind is drawn into closer touch with God, from whom all blessings come. That process of mind adjustment and fixation creates a positive atmosphere that can attract only the best. For us to live in a world that is truly limitless in terms of possibilities, our gratitude has to be strong and continous, then, the movement of things we want will be always towards us.

We have heard and we can see already that in 2010, you won’t need to think at all to see reasons to be dissatisfied, if not personally, then, maybe about the nation or any other thing. The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground. Jesus Christ never did without giving thanks before performing any miracle, even when he knew he could perform them. There’s a connection between gratitude and power; the more power you can exercise when you have an attitude of gratitude because your faith is strengthened.

I have decided to make gratitude an anchor for my soul this year so that my faith will be strengthened, and i can attract the things God has already made available to me. When men say there’s a casting down, i’ll say there’s a lifting up for me. So, even though i have a list of goals, i have just one new year goal….maintain an attitude of gratitude (that’s enough work!)

Happy new year!

4 Responses to “GRATITUDE”

  1. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is the key to sustainable progress in life. Not only will you achieve your goals, you will also get other beneficial things you did not ask for from God.nn1

  2. Ogochukwu says:

    There’s a song that says…if you thank him for what he did, he will do more for you…When God knows that your attitude is one of gratitude, there’s no end to the supply he’s willing to bring your way or the protocols he won’t mind breaking to make sure you have what you need. An attitude of gratitude should be a lifestyle not just something that we do on occasion….we should learn to live gratefully…

  3. TOSIN says:

    When we appreciate God for his finger, we will see his hand. In ALL circumstances this year, i will remain grateful.Thank you aunty for this inspiration

  4. anuoluwapo says:

    eni ba dupe ore ana, a ri omiran gba!

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